Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Early Christmas and 1.5k Escalation

Well, having between three and four Christmases in any given year, my wife and I have adopted the tradition of doing our own Christmas a week or so early. It gives us some time to unwrap and actually enjoy our gifts to each other before the hustle and bustle the other visits drowns everything out.

That being said, I have an announcement: My wife is the smartest, sexiest, most wonderful woman in the whole wide world. I had this under the tree:

I love that woman.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Tournament Saturday: My List

So I've got a tournament on Saturday (yep, I read the title too) and I'm thinking about taking a different list than normal for me. Its still mostly mechanized (I'm an addict) but it also plays an interesting reserves game and doesn't use Forgeworld, something that'll make many locals happy.

The Reserves

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Escalation and Feast of Blades


While, I'm still excited about this supplement (it's not an expansion), I do share many of the internet fears regarding this somewhat dynamic change to the game but ultimately the biggest downer (and game changer) from the rules is D-weapons. They are simply too powerful. Even reducing them to Str 10 AP 1 would have made them acceptable. For those who haven't seen Frontline Gaming's battle report with an Eldar Revenant Titan, check out this link: Welcome to the new 6th Edition! It's not good.

Shown: Pointy Eared, Arrogant Win

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Something To Be Tankful For

So, the rumors are that there will be an expansion for 40k that will allow the use of super-heavy vehicles in standard games of 40k. Escalation is the name I've heard and expect to see. Well...good.
Very Good

Friday, November 15, 2013

BEHOLD! The Wild Beast

Well last tournament was a resounding success and I owe that in no small part to the actions of my Leman Russ Executioner.

Is Sexy...

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Choice v. Destiny, or why I don't play Chaos

NOTE: Every so often I wax philosophical and have the erg to write it down. For those who only want to read about tanks and gaming, go ahead and skip this post.

There is no fate but what we make.

Simple words from a simple movie but with great meaning. Many in my family believe me to be a fatalist (one who lets much of their lives be decided by fate) because I mentioned at one family gathering that death is inevitable. The truth is quite the opposite.
My Hero

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

2k Big Guns Army List

I usually play IG lists centered around tanks. This isn't always the case and for about a year now I've been working toward getting the pieces to run a semi-pure infantry list. I say semi because it includes Forge World rules for field and stationary artillery.

This kind
As of yesterday I finally purchased the pieces I'd need in the form of some WWII Long Tom models, though I am still awaiting some pieces from Curious Constructs for the other guns. Either way, it seems time to refine and get down a set list for when I'm not in the mood for tanks (it happens! Really!)

Sunday, November 3, 2013

RTT Game 3 - Tanks vs...Where is everybody?

Game 3 time. I'm scheduled to go up against a player I've played a couple of times. Tabled him at the last tournament in round one and both of us are playing similarish lists (parsed down from 2500 points.)

Friday, November 1, 2013

RTT Game 2 - Tanksgiving Mk. 1 vs. Draigo

So, game 2 and this time I'm facing off against Grey Knights...evil Grey Knights. No, serioudly. Look at their second in command!
I present: Brother-Librarian Phlegm
Clearly they noble Grey Knights have been corrupted by the influence of Nurgle and must be cleansed for the greater good of the Imperium. Game on.

The Humble Hydra Flak Tank

I know that they Hydra has a bad rap in IG lists these days, owing that mostly to the FAQ granting them Skyfire but not interceptor (so they fire at BS1 vs. most things.) Despite this I've been thinking about Hydras a lot lately. I'm kinda a treadhead (in case you hadn't noticed) and don't particularly take any enjoyment out of fielding Vendettas as dogfighters.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

RTT Game 1 - Tanksgiving Mk. I vs. Kharn

Well, I suppose its finally time for me to get some battle reports made up. Thanks to those who've been patient, all six or so that read this :)

I was actually a bit intimidated by this opponent at first because this was the sight that greeted me when I arrived at the tournament.

Double Helldrakes...yay.
Despite the fear factor these models carry I didn't let it get to me. I'm AV14 guy after all.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Well, I was player number 17 to sign up for that elimination tournament (see last post.)

Sad day.

I won't be able to play that list for a while then but I'll get around to posting those battle reports soon(ish) as well as a commentary on the tank that earned its name this tournament and will thus be the next model I paint, whenever I next get to painting: the Wild Beast.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Elimination Tournament - Tanksgiving

A bunch of people in Bakersfield are going to host an eight week, 16 player, single elimination tournament, where you have two weeks to get a game in with your assigned opponent. Losing means you're out. Winning means you continue on.

I'm game :)

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Tournament Results and Such

Well, I promised that I'd post some battle reports about the tournament, and I will, but being a teacher (with the 1st quarter having just ended) and having a sick five month old it might take a bit of time. Plus I'm exhausted from other things as well. To that end I figured I'd post the overall results and get around to the battle reports as soon as my schedule cleared.

For those who want to know now, highlight the following text. For those that want to wait, I'll try to have it all up in a week or so.

Game 1: IG vs. CSM - Tabled Him for Max points 9-0
Game 2: IG vs. GK - He had two models left for 5-3
Game 3: IG vs. Orcs - He saw my list, evaluated his odds, and decided to go be with his girlfriend.

Took 1st Place! (and demoralized a few enemies)

Monday, October 7, 2013

Fatherhood: Sports and the son of a nerd

I've always been a great big nerd, even before I had a way of expressing it. It may not have been until late high school that I got a chance to play DnD or Magic: the Gathering but that didn't mean that I wasn't the type of person that genuinely wanted to do such things...and it seemed others noticed as well. Bullying and teasing were pretty common features of my childhood and I like to think I took it better than many did. I stood up to the bullies that needed it and ignored the ones that would go away. Despite this though I developed a lot of my own biases that are still with me.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

2k Six Russ Mk. II

So, I've gotten some feedback on my list from a few different websites and friends. While the reviews have been generally positive I'm not thrilled by them. I'm thinking about going an alternative route of having mounted squads in Chimeras working in support of the Russ. This is the list below. Please comment your thoughts.

Primaris Psyker x2

Veteran Squad - Plasmagun x3
Chimera - Hull Heavy Flamer and Turret Multilaser

Veteran Squad - Plasmagun x3
Chimera - Hull Heavy Flamer and Turret Multilaser

Veteran Squad - Plasmagun x3
Chimera - Hull Heavy Flamer and Turret Multilaser

Veteran Squad - Plasmagun x3
Chimera - Hull Heavy Flamer and Turret Multilaser

Vendetta Gunship

Thunderer Siege Tank

Thunderer Siege Tank

Leman Russ Demolisher - Hull Heavy Bolter

Leman Russ Demolisher - Hull Heavy Bolter

Leman Russ Executioner - Hull/Sponson Heavy Bolters

Leman Russ Exterminator - Hull/Sponson Heavy Bolters, Heavy Stubber, and Knight-Commander Pask

Battle Plan- In early game, the Chimera basically hid behind the armor and work in support of it. Veterans disembark only to claim objectives (9/10th of time at least.) The Vendetta replaces the Quad as my anti-air. The Psykers make for cheap HQs that I don't need to buy a transport for.

A simpler list but every unit in it seems like it has more of a purpose. The other list seemed less focused. Plus, this list plays up the theme of armored advance a lot more. I can hear the creaking of treads now.

Monday, September 23, 2013

2k Six Russ Mk. I

I've got a tournament coming up on the 12th of October and I'm determined to go and bring the pain of six Leman Russ tanks with me. Where I'm thinking I'll mix it up will be in the rest of the list. Normally, I'd field a bunch of Chimeras with them but I think I'll tank take a different approach and bubble wrap my tanks with a few infantry. Here's the first draft:

Commissar Lord (Warlord) - Powerfist and Carapace Armor

Primaris Psyker

PCS - Lascannon
Infantry Squad x2 - Flamers and Autocannons

PCS - Lascannon
Infantry Squad x2 - Flamers and Lascannons

PCS - Grenade Launcher x3
Infantry Squad x2 - Flamers

PCS - Grenade Launcher x2
Infantry Squad x2 - Flamers

Thunderer Siege Tank

Thunderer Siege Tank

Leman Russ Demolisher - Hull Heavy Bolter

Leman Russ Demolisher - Hull Heavy Bolter

Leman Russ Executioner - Hull/Sponson Heavy Bolters

Leman Russ Exterminator - Hull/Sponson Heavy Bolters, Heavy Stubber, and Knight-Commander Pask

Aegis Defense Line w/ Quadgun

Battle Plan-
The first two platoons and all six tanks deploy where the Aegis can help them attain cover, with the Thunderers and Demolishers deployed to the flanks to avoid the difficult terrain tests when it comes time to move forward. The Autocannon squads will be on the Quadgun, which is fired by the Commissar Lord (Mr. BS5!) The other two platoons are reserved, or not (as needed), and will make a dash for the objectives, using the orders from their PCSs to either get more lasgun shots or to run faster.

Heavy Armor Deployment

Playing Imperial Guard is a pleasure. Truly, a pleasure. No other army can do the kinds of things the Imperial Guard can do and do them as well as us. It actually serves to make this army unique. One example of this is our ability to field masses AV14 vehicles. Some may ask why this is so fun when the meta still incorporates enough melta and melee to deal with a few measly Leman Russ tanks and I'll respond by stating that those people are clearly not taking enough Leman Russ in their army (I don't take less that 3 above 1k points.)

Two months ago I was in a tournament. The point level was 2500 and I had fourteen vehicles in my army. Five of them were Leman Russ variants (2 Demolishers, a Vanquisher, an Executioner, and a Exterminator) while my sixth heavy support was a Manticore. In each game I found the exact same result and that was the enemy being unable to deal with my heavy armor enough. Sure, I lost 2-3 tanks a game but that didn't matter since I still had 2-3 tanks left!

The durability of my Russ, combined with the amount of pain they can bring if left to their own devices, meant my enemy was in a tough spot. They needed to hurt my armor but had to also thin down my amount of scoring units (8 for those wondering.) This left them with hard choices to make, often leaving both concerns only half done and myself still possessing enough scoring units and firepower to do finish the game on top.

An example:
I went up against a Ravenwing DA list. You guys know the one. It has a LRC with the salvo banner in it. A few cheap tactical squads to hold backfield units and then as many bikes and black knights as possible. A solid, if generic, list. The problem was their inability to face that many tanks and threats at once. I could ignore their backfield for 2-3 turns while my whole army concentrated on the bikes. Missiles couldn't hurt my Russ and the Russ would act as mobile cover for the rest of the army (which was full mechanized.)

Turn 2 Marbo silenced their Lascannon devastators. By turn 3, all of the bikes were dead and I wasn't going to be taking anymore casualties for the rest of the game, baring 3-4 guardsmen. Also, the Vanquisher (a disappointing tank sadly) had been left alone since it wasn't much of a threat to bikes. This gave it plenty of time to kill that LRC, denying the enemy is precious banner just as the guardsmen would start emerging from Chimera to claim objectives.

His melta didn't cut it in only a couple of squads. The Black Knights plasma talons were almost worthless since their only target was AV12 in cover. My tanks plus veterans could then counter attack and make him pay for thinking he was going to be facing space marines.

Who else fields Russ like this (outside of an Armored Company?) Anybody care to share their own experiences?


I used to post on this blog a lot more...not a lot but a lot more. Now I find that it has been years and I'm yearning for a place to put my thoughts once more. Not just WH40k thoughts (though those are most of them) but thoughts on other topics as well. I've cleaned out and redone the layout a bit and decided that this is where I'm going to put those stray thoughts that ache for release.

To those few who may read this, expect a few things:

  • Warhammer Posts: Tactic Ideas/Commentary and Battle Reports
  • Random Posts: Politics, Teaching, and Philosophy (not that I know much about any of those)
  • Fatherhood Posts
I hope I'm at least mildly entertaining to some of you. Please comment as you wish.