Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Early Christmas and 1.5k Escalation

Well, having between three and four Christmases in any given year, my wife and I have adopted the tradition of doing our own Christmas a week or so early. It gives us some time to unwrap and actually enjoy our gifts to each other before the hustle and bustle the other visits drowns everything out.

That being said, I have an announcement: My wife is the smartest, sexiest, most wonderful woman in the whole wide world. I had this under the tree:

I love that woman.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Tournament Saturday: My List

So I've got a tournament on Saturday (yep, I read the title too) and I'm thinking about taking a different list than normal for me. Its still mostly mechanized (I'm an addict) but it also plays an interesting reserves game and doesn't use Forgeworld, something that'll make many locals happy.

The Reserves

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Escalation and Feast of Blades


While, I'm still excited about this supplement (it's not an expansion), I do share many of the internet fears regarding this somewhat dynamic change to the game but ultimately the biggest downer (and game changer) from the rules is D-weapons. They are simply too powerful. Even reducing them to Str 10 AP 1 would have made them acceptable. For those who haven't seen Frontline Gaming's battle report with an Eldar Revenant Titan, check out this link: Welcome to the new 6th Edition! It's not good.

Shown: Pointy Eared, Arrogant Win