Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Tournament Results and Such

Well, I promised that I'd post some battle reports about the tournament, and I will, but being a teacher (with the 1st quarter having just ended) and having a sick five month old it might take a bit of time. Plus I'm exhausted from other things as well. To that end I figured I'd post the overall results and get around to the battle reports as soon as my schedule cleared.

For those who want to know now, highlight the following text. For those that want to wait, I'll try to have it all up in a week or so.

Game 1: IG vs. CSM - Tabled Him for Max points 9-0
Game 2: IG vs. GK - He had two models left for 5-3
Game 3: IG vs. Orcs - He saw my list, evaluated his odds, and decided to go be with his girlfriend.

Took 1st Place! (and demoralized a few enemies)

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  1. Awww that's a shame, better luck next time


    Well done dude that's impressive.

    Still not letting anything spill.