Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Choice v. Destiny, or why I don't play Chaos

NOTE: Every so often I wax philosophical and have the erg to write it down. For those who only want to read about tanks and gaming, go ahead and skip this post.

There is no fate but what we make.

Simple words from a simple movie but with great meaning. Many in my family believe me to be a fatalist (one who lets much of their lives be decided by fate) because I mentioned at one family gathering that death is inevitable. The truth is quite the opposite.
My Hero

Both of my parents have only a high school education. My father has seen the inside of jail for drug charges. The first person to offer me drugs was my dad (I said no.) I wasn't rich enough to afford college and my parents struggled to hold down jobs at any part of my childhood. My parents fought all of the time and eventually divorced.

I don't share that all because I want pity. I just want to explain that statistics were against me from almost the word "go." Many would consider the statistics to be destiny.

Destiny and I have never quite seen eye to eye.

I made a determined choice at a young age that I wouldn't end up like my parents (especially my father.) I graduated High School with decent enough grades and went to college. I eventually earned a Master's Degree and became a teacher. I married at a respectable age to a beautiful woman and waited until I was ready to have children before having my son. I'm very proud of my life so far and I owe it all to that one word: choice.


In my opinion, we all have it in us to stand against our destiny. Our origins are not our limitations, just a starting point. Some get overwhelmed by that starting point and I feel genuinely bad for them. Others stick to their guns and overcome and they should be lauded. I'm not saying I'm in the later category. Only at my death will that be fairly judged.

Now, to attach this to gaming.

I don't play chaos and I likely never would. To me chaos, were it an actual thing, represents a surrender to destiny. Chaos is the seemingly inevitable winner of the whole galactic shebang. The warp surges and overwhelms the material universe.

Chaos Marines and the like have seemingly placed their bets with the winning team. What a bunch of wusses!
Shown: Wuss
If ever there would be a destiny to fight against it would be the victory of Chaos. It simply doesn't deserve to win. Every Imperial Guadsman and Space Marine that fights that destiny is a big damn hero. Chaos gets to win when every hero is dead.

Not. One. Moment. Sooner.

That is a galaxy embracing choice over destiny.

Even a grimdark choice...

Author's Aside: I'm not expecting a lot, or any, comments on this. I'm kinda just using my blog as a dairy or journal in this case. If you want to comment, feel welcome. I'll read it. If you don't, don't. Either way, I hope you enjoyed.

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