Sunday, January 18, 2015

Because Big Guns Never Tire

There is a Highlander tournament, 1500 points, coming up next week and I intend to go. When I go to tournaments, I intend to win. When IG wins, its via big guns.

Shown: The Path to Victory

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Infantaggedon! 1850 Horde versus Tyranids

I've wanted to field an army like this for some time and I finally have the man (model?) power to make it happen. My brother-in-law was up my way to see a dentist and he came by afterwards for a riveting game of beat each other up. He brought his 'nids and I fielded a bunch of men. Good times.

How I feel about getting to use this army for once!

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Battle Report: IG versus SW 2.5k

I finally go in a game with my brother in law and he busted out his beloved Space Pups. I decided to give my knights a break (more news on them soon) and took a pure IG army in my classic sense. I was really looking forward to this army and seeing how my traditional build of tanks, tanks, tanks could do. I was admittedly hesitant after hearing so much about how he is tearing apart all of his friends in games. I would just have to see if relying on firepower would be enough to see me through...

Its basically the IG motto

But first, the lists!