Thursday, September 24, 2015

Shame, shame, shame...

I've been saving up for a Titan for a long time, years really (though that sometimes gets set back by other purchases like awesome knights.) Recently I had every plan to finally pull the trigger and get a Titan...until I got into a car accident. Between everything, I now cannot afford to purchase a Titan. Car hell sucks and boy do these burns still itch.

It has got me thinking though. Did I really want a Titan? Actually, that isn't a good question because the answer is a resounding, "HELL YESS!!!" What might be a better question is why did I want a Titan? Don't get me wrong, the models are awesome, especially the now discontinued Lucius Pattern beastie. At the same time, do Titans kinda represent that line, where you're no longer a guy who plays some ridiculously expensive game and are now the person with too much money and time on your hands? If so, then I suppose its for the best that I didn't get to purchase that Titan. I don't have too much money (quite the opposite most months) and I don't have the time (especially with my thesis coming up.)

In the end, this might be a blessing. I really need to focus more on my guard and knights. I have a baneblade (and equally sexy model in my opinion) that needs some love and paint, plus a Valdor that needs painted properly and assembled. Heck, I've still got a few knights I need to assemble.

Before people look at that list and revise their opinions on me and money, I did not pay anything near retail for any of them. Patience and deals my friends...(when was the last time I paid retail? '05? geez.)

Getting rambling now, just wanted to type something so that I don't have to see the picture of what wasn't to be at the top of my now neglected-until-next-summer blog.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

The Ground Shakes

Welp, it appears that I hate having money. I'm getting one of these this month.
All full of sexy right angles
I've wanted one since I got into 40k but never quite had the money for it. Still kinda don't but my wife actually suggested I get it for Christmas (because God is good and likes heavy firepower) and who am I to tell her no. Actually, I probably would have told her no but the Lucius Pattern (accept no substitutes) is discontinued so the longer I wait the harder it will be to get an actual FW model. While I don't have that big an issue with recasters, a milestone like this feels like it should be done right. My plan is to find some time to finish my Cadian army and assemble the to-be-painted portions of the titan before Christmas break, and then get the titan painted and based then. Plans being what they are, we will see, but expect this guy to be in battle reports come the new year (as well as painting updates between now and then.)