Tuesday, November 5, 2013

2k Big Guns Army List

I usually play IG lists centered around tanks. This isn't always the case and for about a year now I've been working toward getting the pieces to run a semi-pure infantry list. I say semi because it includes Forge World rules for field and stationary artillery.

This kind
As of yesterday I finally purchased the pieces I'd need in the form of some WWII Long Tom models, though I am still awaiting some pieces from Curious Constructs for the other guns. Either way, it seems time to refine and get down a set list for when I'm not in the mood for tanks (it happens! Really!)

Company Command Squad (Warlord) - Master of Ordinance, Powerfist, and Regimental Banner
Company Command Squad - Astropath and Regimental Banner

Officio Assassinorum Operative (i.e. Guardsman Marbo)

Platoon Alpha
Platoon Command Squad - Lascannon
Infantry Squad x2 - Autocannon and Grenade Launcher

Platoon Beta
Platoon Command Squad - Lascannon
Infantry Squad x3 - Autocannon and Grenade Launcher

Platoon Charlie
Platoon Command Squad - Lascannon
Infantry Squad x2 - Autocannon and Grenade Launcher
Heavy Weapon Squad - Mortar x3

Platoon Delta
Platoon Command Squad - Captain Al'rahem and Meltagun x2
Infantry Squad x3 - Flamer and Power Axe
Commissar - Bolt Pistol and Chainsword

Rapier Laser Destroyer x3 - 3 Additional Crew

Thudd Gun x3 (Heavy Quads)

Basilisk Heavy Artillery Carriage x3

Aegis Defense Line x2 - Quad-guns

Battle Plan -
Platoons Alpha-Charlie deploy behind the defense lines and serve to roll of meat shields. The big guns will find cover or LOS blocking terrain and lay into the enemy. Quads serve to keep the skies clear while Al'raham *ahem* CAPTAIN Al'rahem outflanks and goes for backfield objectives. Marbo harashes and makes a general nuisance of himself. The mortars make my enemies have to take yet one more pinning check. Officers don't have guns to avoid attention since they exist solely to issue orders and give re-rolls (which the guns often need to stick around.)

Thoughts, ideas?


  1. You should probably know that you can only take one fortification per primary detachment...though you could very easily make your army have 2 primary detachments: you have 2 HQs and 4 Troops, which would be the minimum requirements for a double force-org list. Nice list though, I'm constructing something similar...with more artillery.

    1. That was kinda the plan. I'm only doing for the fortifications since I want the artillery units to take advantage of spare bodies before losing men.