Wednesday, October 30, 2013

RTT Game 1 - Tanksgiving Mk. I vs. Kharn

Well, I suppose its finally time for me to get some battle reports made up. Thanks to those who've been patient, all six or so that read this :)

I was actually a bit intimidated by this opponent at first because this was the sight that greeted me when I arrived at the tournament.

Double Helldrakes...yay.
Despite the fear factor these models carry I didn't let it get to me. I'm AV14 guy after all.

My list (Tanksgiving Mk. I)
Primaris Psyker x2

Veteran Squad - Plasmagun x3
  Chimera - Hull Heavy Flamer and Turret Multilaser
Veteran Squad - Plasmagun x3
  Chimera - Hull Heavy Flamer and Turret Multilaser
Veteran Squad - Plasmagun x3
  Chimera - Hull Heavy Flamer and Turret Multilaser
Veteran Squad - Plasmagun x3
  Chimera - Hull Heavy Flamer and Turret Multilaser

Vendetta Gunship

Thunderer Siege Tank
Thunderer Siege Tank
Leman Russ Demolisher - Hull Heavy Bolter
Leman Russ Demolisher - Hull Heavy Bolter
Leman Russ Executioner - Hull/Sponson Heavy Bolters
Leman Russ Exterminator - Hull/Sponson Heavy Bolters, Heavy Stubber, and Knight-Commander Pask

His list (by memory since I was the only person to bring printed lists for opponents)
Kharn the Betrayer (Warlord)
Daemon Prince - Mark of Nurgel, Wings, Armor, Black Mace, Power Level 3 (Only good rolled was Fortitude)

Cultists x20 - Pistols and Heavy Stubbers
CSMs x10 - Banner of Vengeance, Lascannon, and Plasmagun
Khorne Berserkers x9

Helldrake - Baleflamer
Helldrake - Hades Autocannon!!!

Havocs x5 - Lascannon x3 and Banner of Vengeance
Land Raider

Deployment: Short Table Edges
Objectives: 1 in each deployment, secondaries in effect
Night Fighting : Yes
Roll-off: I won, gave up first turn

Pre-game Thoughts:
I knew I didn't want to go first for a couple of reasons. Firstly, Night Fighting and my slew of Demolisher Cannons do not go hand in hand at all. I'll let him close thank you very much. Also, his two helldrakes could give me a problem, especially if the Hades Autocannon one got the jump on my Vendetta. BTW: Kudos to this kid for taking a Hades Autocannon Drake. I know internet wisdom says they're garbage, and for good reason, but he wanted to try one out and went for it.

I also realized that in turn 1-2 I had two primary goals: kill the Daemon Princes (who'll do aweful things to me if left alone) and kill the Land Raider BEFORE it closes, leaving the 'zerkers stranded in no man's land. Lets see how I do.

My Deployment
His Deployment
 Objectives were in the circle in his deployment and behind the wall with just a Chimera next to it in mine. I deployed with the goal of every unit having a cover save, either from terrain or from another vehicle. He wanted to spread out those elements that wouldn't advance and was religious about every unit getting a cover save, to the point of making a mistake imo. His CSM should have been nearish the cultists to support that objective.

Turn 1-
CSM: His Daemon Prince takes to the skies and doesn't remember to cast Fortitude. He forgot it because he was too disappointed by not getting Iron Arm. The Land Raider also advances, making its difficult terrain check for hopping the wall and going over the middle hill. The only shooting unit was the devastators but a +3 cover save means Pask doesn't take the Pen.

IG- Time to achieve my objectives. All four demolisher cannons aim for the Land Raider, with the fourth finally doing the job. He didn't realize vehicles don't benefit from area terrain. No 'zerkers die in the explosion but they're trapped in the open for next turn so I'm happy. The Daemon Prince is dropped from the sky by multilasers but proceeds to pass every other save. Oh well, one down and three to go. The Executioner targets the havocs, killing two lascannons and the champ.

End Turn 1 - Beginning Turn 2 (He's already moved the Prince)
End Turn 1
Turn 2-
CSM - Flamer drake comes on. He moves the Prince up, ready to assault, and fails to cast Fortitude after I reminded him about it. Zerkers try to move up. In shooting, he fails to hurt anything due to a combination of few shots (2 las and Defiler) and good cover, but the 'zerkers run reinforcing their need to die. In assault, the Daemon Prince fails to make the assault roll (ouch!)

IG - Vendetta comes on and lines up to shoot at the drake. In movement, I play IG so I don't move...SHOOTING PHASE! The Daemon Prince eats plasma from three squads and dies. The Executioner takes aim at the 'zerker squad and kills all of the zerkers except Kharn, making me think that it has earned its name (more on that in a later post.) Kharn then proceeds to shrugg off four demolisher cannons but, to compensate, Pask finishes the Havocs and the Vendetta blows the Bale Flamer off the Helldrake.

End Turn 2
End Turn 2 
Turn 3-
His second Heldrake came on and Kharne advanced. This was, by far, his most productive turn with the wounded drake taking a hull point off of one Chimera via Vector Strike, the other shooting a hull point off another chimera, and the Defiler taking another hull point off of the third chimera (after the game I talked to him a bit about target priority.) Kharne ran instead of trying for a 12'' charge.

The vendetta lined up shots on the unharmed helldrake, while Pask lined up on the other. I decide to begin maneuvering my chimeras to get to his objective. Our tournaments work by running the same scenario three times and adding up all VP so I need to try and get his points. In the shooting phase, Pask aces the wounded drake while the vendetta does likewise to the fresh turkey. The executioner starts laying into the CSMs while Kharn demonstrates the proper way to take a demolisher shell to the face.
Yeah, something like that
He's beginning to look a bit crestfallen at this point.

End Turn 3
Turns 4-6
I forgot to keep taking photos at this point, plus the rest of the game was mostly mop up so I'll just describe it from here.
My vendetta ends up finishing the Defiler while the executioner finishes murdering the CSMs. Chimeras turbo boost until turn 6 (made the roll to keep playing thankfully) and then get out and finish off the cultist, who've taken two turns of demolisher cannons, while one of the squads of vets are within range of their objective.

In the end he was tabled and I had all of the secondaries.

Total VPs: IG - 9 vs. CSMs - 0


  1. Nicely played and good target priority. How can your av14 list be afraid of anything?

    1. Oh, it has fears. Many, many fears. Anything with the words 'flying circus' built right in. Drop pods certainly make me work for it. I once played a 'nid player that basically started in the middle of the board thanks to reserves and other shenanigans. Anything that can survive to get one good turn against multiple tanks makes me work for the win.

      That being said, this list has yet to lose against anything that just wants to deploy and slug it out, which makes sense since that is exactly what this list is designed to do.

  2. heh yeah I used a Great Unclean One last night to mop a demolisher, normal leman and and a Executioner all by himself (and they were not in a squadron) MC's will eat Lemans. The flying nurgle prince bagged Pask's Vanquisher and two basilisks.