Sunday, November 3, 2013

RTT Game 3 - Tanks vs...Where is everybody?

Game 3 time. I'm scheduled to go up against a player I've played a couple of times. Tabled him at the last tournament in round one and both of us are playing similarish lists (parsed down from 2500 points.)

I go over to meet and greet. We exchange lists.
He looks mine up.
He looks mine down.
He shakes my hands and cedes!

Wow, I knew I let him have it last time but I didn't expect that!

Anyway, here are some photos of his army I took while he was giving the business to the CSM player I beat in game 1.
The pride of his army and bane of my Chimeras

...delivers this!

He likes his dreads
He remarked that next tournament he intends to bring a second battlewagon just so that he can us it against me!

For those that can't tell, in that meganob picture is his Grotsnik conversion and he also brings Gazzi along for the ride (not pictured sadly.) He also was the only player to bring a fully painted army, which according to store rules nets him an extra VP each game.

He also revealed to be that he had another reason for leaving besides the utter hopelessness of his cause (drat!) His girlfriend's dad had invited him over to watch a boxing match. I shook his hand, assured him he'd made the right call, collected my $10 gift certificate (too few showed up for bigger prizes), and packed it up.

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  1. the Morgan Kell vs Yorinaga Kurita from battletech duel...the ultimate warrior can win without firing a shot.