Tuesday, July 28, 2015

My veterans are finished...

I'm not a 100% thrilled with these guys but they are finished, as of right now. If I'm still unsatisfied with them, I'll come back to them later. I've chimeras and a sentinel looking for paint and very close to finishing my summer goal. It'll be a photo finish folks.
Group shot, had to prove they're all finished
A blurry meltagunner.
My favorite mini in the bunch. Unique pose with a few SM Scout bits thrown in.
Sergeant McAxe, normally just a CCW but a poweraxe when working with platoons

Getting So Close

So very close to finished. Love the look of those bronzed meltas.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Another Painting Update: Cutting it Close

I'm almost done with the three squads of meltavets. I've resigned myself to not finishing the whole army by the end of summer but these guys are getting finished, so help me God.
The overall quality of most of them at this point.
Group Shot!, squeeze it in guys.

Monday, July 13, 2015

A Minor Painting Update

I have not gotten a lot of painting done in the last few weeks. This leaves me fearful that I will not get the army finished by the end of the summer but I am at least still confident that I can finished these veterans by the end of August. Even though I could barely stop my hand from shaking from fatigue (got about three hours of sleep last night) I still got in an hour tonight as I try to get back on track to consistent painting.
Worked on the biggest open and smooth portion of their armor, the shoulders (because this is 40k.)
Six of the thirty already had the whole armor finished.

Monday, July 6, 2015

50 points, 50 points...hmm...

I had two games yesterday, battle reports to follow, and I'm pleased as I reasonably could be with my list, except for my Armored Sentinel. Now, I don't expect a lot from fifty points, especially with that fifty being invested in one BS 3 shot. Despite that, I'm considering swapping them out for five ratling snipers. I'd love the opinion of my scant readers...
That, and they're a cool concept.