Friday, November 1, 2013

The Humble Hydra Flak Tank

I know that they Hydra has a bad rap in IG lists these days, owing that mostly to the FAQ granting them Skyfire but not interceptor (so they fire at BS1 vs. most things.) Despite this I've been thinking about Hydras a lot lately. I'm kinda a treadhead (in case you hadn't noticed) and don't particularly take any enjoyment out of fielding Vendettas as dogfighters.

Using the allies rules, coupled with Armored Companies, it suddenly isn't that hard for me to fit a Hydra, or two, into an IG list. Hell, if anything I could field more.

Example: 2k Armored Co. + IG Allies
Company Command Vanquisher
Company Command Exterminator
2 Thunderers
2 Demolishers
Heavy Support-
3 Hyrdras
Allied HQ-
CCS in Chimera
Platoon with 3 Infantry Squads in Chimeras

All that, plus some points for upgrades and such, easily fits into 2k. I don't have to take Vendettas, have monstrous anti-air coverage (come at me daemons), and get to stick good and close to my beloved tanks. Hell, that's seven Russ!

If IG is the parent list, I can still fit a Hydra in both detachments and fit five or six Russ into the rest.

Thoughts, thoughts...

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