Thursday, November 28, 2013

Something To Be Tankful For

So, the rumors are that there will be an expansion for 40k that will allow the use of super-heavy vehicles in standard games of 40k. Escalation is the name I've heard and expect to see. Well...good.
Very Good
Being both and IG player and a tank guy I've long since wanted to field a baneblade outside of Apocalypse, even though I don't currently own one. If these rumors are true then I'll finally get to.

The biggest question I've seen regarding this is the issue of balance. A lot of people are deeply worried that super-heavies will unbalance the game greatly but I actually disagree. The main issue of the naysayer argument seems to be Str D weapons (destroyers) but to that I'll simply give two points:

1- In certain other supplements and fortifications, Str D weapons were reduced to Str 10 AP 1. They'll likely do the same in Escalation. This brings the weapons back to within the normal ranges of 40k, making the models a lot more manageable.

2- Not all super-heavies have Str D weapons. The baneblade doesn't. Many other don't. Weapons that are Str D tend to be only the typical blast sizes. This limits both their occurrence and effect on the game.

Take this into account. Most super-heavy vehicles are 500+ points. With that I can easily get three Leman Russ Demolishers (my go to tank.) Even with Str D weapons I can reliably get quite a few shots off in a 1-on-3 fight before my tanks are toasted. All of my shots are Str 10 AP 2, which isn't much worse. The super-heavy is a big target, so I'm not likely to miss. I'd bet even money on my Demolishers vs. even the best super-heavies unless they're packing Str D, at which point Vendettas, Manticores, other artillery, meltavets, or certain allies all become viable options (and are equally good in my codex.)

6th Edition has featured a dynamic shift away from tanks and vehicles. In response, meltas and other anti-tank weapons have become less common. For players like me this has made high tank armies especially viable since many enemies don't prepare to fight even three Leman Russes. Perhaps this will remind people who the real kings of the battle field are (hint: it isn't Space Marines.)

That is something to be tankful for...

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