Monday, September 23, 2013

Heavy Armor Deployment

Playing Imperial Guard is a pleasure. Truly, a pleasure. No other army can do the kinds of things the Imperial Guard can do and do them as well as us. It actually serves to make this army unique. One example of this is our ability to field masses AV14 vehicles. Some may ask why this is so fun when the meta still incorporates enough melta and melee to deal with a few measly Leman Russ tanks and I'll respond by stating that those people are clearly not taking enough Leman Russ in their army (I don't take less that 3 above 1k points.)

Two months ago I was in a tournament. The point level was 2500 and I had fourteen vehicles in my army. Five of them were Leman Russ variants (2 Demolishers, a Vanquisher, an Executioner, and a Exterminator) while my sixth heavy support was a Manticore. In each game I found the exact same result and that was the enemy being unable to deal with my heavy armor enough. Sure, I lost 2-3 tanks a game but that didn't matter since I still had 2-3 tanks left!

The durability of my Russ, combined with the amount of pain they can bring if left to their own devices, meant my enemy was in a tough spot. They needed to hurt my armor but had to also thin down my amount of scoring units (8 for those wondering.) This left them with hard choices to make, often leaving both concerns only half done and myself still possessing enough scoring units and firepower to do finish the game on top.

An example:
I went up against a Ravenwing DA list. You guys know the one. It has a LRC with the salvo banner in it. A few cheap tactical squads to hold backfield units and then as many bikes and black knights as possible. A solid, if generic, list. The problem was their inability to face that many tanks and threats at once. I could ignore their backfield for 2-3 turns while my whole army concentrated on the bikes. Missiles couldn't hurt my Russ and the Russ would act as mobile cover for the rest of the army (which was full mechanized.)

Turn 2 Marbo silenced their Lascannon devastators. By turn 3, all of the bikes were dead and I wasn't going to be taking anymore casualties for the rest of the game, baring 3-4 guardsmen. Also, the Vanquisher (a disappointing tank sadly) had been left alone since it wasn't much of a threat to bikes. This gave it plenty of time to kill that LRC, denying the enemy is precious banner just as the guardsmen would start emerging from Chimera to claim objectives.

His melta didn't cut it in only a couple of squads. The Black Knights plasma talons were almost worthless since their only target was AV12 in cover. My tanks plus veterans could then counter attack and make him pay for thinking he was going to be facing space marines.

Who else fields Russ like this (outside of an Armored Company?) Anybody care to share their own experiences?

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  1. While i don't have a guard army (yet) i wouldn't have though of such a brutal list. let alone it working. Would you post the actual list for us to see?

    Great to see you blogging :)