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RTT Game 2 - Tanksgiving Mk. 1 vs. Draigo

So, game 2 and this time I'm facing off against Grey Knights...evil Grey Knights. No, serioudly. Look at their second in command!
I present: Brother-Librarian Phlegm
Clearly they noble Grey Knights have been corrupted by the influence of Nurgle and must be cleansed for the greater good of the Imperium. Game on.

My list (Tanksgiving Mk. I)
Primaris Psyker x2

Veteran Squad - Plasmagun x3
  Chimera - Hull Heavy Flamer and Turret Multilaser
Veteran Squad - Plasmagun x3
  Chimera - Hull Heavy Flamer and Turret Multilaser
Veteran Squad - Plasmagun x3
  Chimera - Hull Heavy Flamer and Turret Multilaser
Veteran Squad - Plasmagun x3
  Chimera - Hull Heavy Flamer and Turret Multilaser

Vendetta Gunship

Thunderer Siege Tank
Thunderer Siege Tank

Leman Russ Demolisher - Hull Heavy Bolter
Leman Russ Demolisher - Hull Heavy Bolter
Leman Russ Executioner - Hull/Sponson Heavy Bolters
Leman Russ Exterminator - Hull/Sponson Heavy Bolters, Heavy Stubber, and Knight-Commander Pask

His list (by memory since I was the only person to bring printed lists for opponents)
Lord Kaldor Draigo
Librarian (Brother Phlegm) - All GK Powers!, Lvl 3, Force Halberd
Paladins x5 - Hammers and Psycannon x2
Paladins x5 - Halberds and Psycannonx x2
Strike Squad x10 - Psybolt Ammunition and Rhino
Stormraven Gunship - Hurricane Bolters and Psybolt Ammunition
Nemesis Dreadknight - Heavy Psycannon and Heavy Incinerator

Deployment: Short Table Edges
Objectives: 1 in each deployment, secondaries in effect
Night Fighting : Yes
Roll-off: I won and took first turn

Pre-game Thoughts:
I'm not too scared of the armies ability to defeat me so much as their ability to stop me from taking their objective. Crossing the long way takes a bit of time and everything in his army can slice and dice me if I let them close. I figure I'll wait until turn 3 or so and then 2-3 of my Chimeras will make a run for it with a Thunderer or two to act as decoys.

Draigo is with the Hammer Paladins in the Stormraven. I'm hugging cover like some kinda wuss tactical genius.

Turn 1-
IG - I didn't want to wait to lay into him and, even though its night fighting, I was sure I could cause a couple of wounds before the Dreadknight closed. Plus, any dead GK before Draigo showed up meant I could focus more of my army to sending Draigo packing. In movement, I only shift a few things around a get some demolisher cannons in range. I fail to hurt the Dreadknight and one demo scattered off of Phlegm's bodyguard but the second hit directly and killed two despite the +2 cover save (the look on his face when he asked what my strength value is was priceless.)
GK- The Dreadknight jump forward, eager to kill and shoots at a Chimera, doing absolutely no damage to the three vehicles it hit due to either AV14 or cover+night fighting. The Rhino shits on the off chance I can get into melee (I can't) and Phlegm and co move toward the bridge to get away from the worst of my shooting. He plans on waiting until Draigo puts the hurt on me to advance the librariran.

End Turn 1
Turn 2-
IG- The vendetta comes in and lines up shots at the Dreadknight and various other tanks begin moving forward to target the Paladins. Shooting puts a few wounds on the Dreadknight but his dice are on fire and he is ready to inflict some harm. Demolishers are far more lucky and wipe out Brother-Librarian Phlegm and his traitor brethren.
Note: Reoccurring theme with this list
GK- The Stormraven fails to come on and the Rhino pops smoke. He remarks that his low model count is really working against him. I respond with an underwhelming "yeah." The Dreadknight pops forward and throws another Heavy Psycannon shot forward, not hopping for much but getting a dead demolisher! The problem with that (for him) is that the demolisher was the target for his shot so now he can't charge.

Turn 3-
IG- Vendetta goes into hover mode to get the auto-jink and lines up some head on the Dreadknight. Other tanks and Chimeras continue to advance. Dreadknight is shot up by las and plasma but only just barely. He made so many +5 invuls that I suddenly didn't feel to bad about this game anymore.
GK- Stormraven comes in and lines up on the lead Thunderer. He plans on getting Draigo out next turn. Due to poor armor pen rolls he merely scratches the paint on his target. Note: The strike marines aren't moving away from his objective and only have str 5 guns so they can't contribute now. My heavy armor strategy again proves its worth.

End Turn 3
Turn 4 (No more pictures, I thought we were taking too long and didn't want to be caught dragging)
IG- The Vendetta targets the Stormraven and sends it from the sky. Falling from a high altitude results in three dead Paladins.
Something like that

The rest of my army tries to kill the Rhino (again with great +5 save from him) and kills another Paladin. Chimeras start to just go flat out.
GK- The strike squad disembarks and moves to intercept my Chimeras (a mistake.) Draigo and pal charge and blow up a Thunderer.

Side Note: This is the flaw in my army. I have to eventually advance but AV14 doesn't matter when the enemy has a thunder hammer to your tail pipe.

Turn 5-
IG- Chimeras advance and guns kill Draigo and pal. This is where a multitude of Plasma helps but it was actually the multilasers that finished the job. I just made Draigo roll enough saves. The Execuationer further cements its future name by killing all but two Strike marines and the vendetta aces their transport.

I'm now left with a choice. I can either fire my 1-2 remaining units and likely table him, but not getting the objective since the game would auto-end (its how we play it around here) or I can lay off, hope for turn 6, and then kill him off of the objective I'd claim (like I did in game 1.) I get greedy and let him live.

GK- He moves back to his objective and prepares for the worst.


Ah well. Still won.

Victory for the Imperial Guard
Total VPs: IG - 5 (1 objective+First Blood+Warloard) vs. GK - 3 (1 objective)

Stay tune for more cat squalling action!

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