Friday, November 15, 2013

BEHOLD! The Wild Beast

Well last tournament was a resounding success and I owe that in no small part to the actions of my Leman Russ Executioner.

Is Sexy...

I've mentioned before (see Battle Reports below) that this tank earned its name during this tournament. Let me explain. I don't refer to my models as anything other than what they are until they do something awesome. This I assign them a name. Amongst my current IG models, only two have a name so far. My Paskinator is the Lex Imperiator and the Executioner is now the Wild Beast.

The Wild Beast began as an incomplete model that I got for a good deal with a lot of random Cadian stuff. It was missing about five or six bits and all of its tracks. It was also shinny metalic blue. It had previously allied with Ultramarines. Clearly some work needed to be done.

This isn't new to me though. I've sometimes referred to my gaming area as Libris' House for Wayward Game Pieces. I take beaten up game pieces and are available cheap and try to breath some new life into them. I added some Rhino tracks (no idea where I got them from) and some track guards to fill in wholes. Gave it a back and top hatch too. Swapped the extra weapons for Heavy Bolters and converted the turret with an Executioner Plasma Cannon I had left over from a Demolisher kit.

Overall I think it looks nice.

It has also been serving me very well, to the point that my brother in law asks me to play without it from time to time.

In addition to earning its name, this tank has earned a coat of paint. I don't paint very often because of my busy schedule (I'm in school, a second year teacher, and the proud father of both a three year old and a six month old.) However, Christmas break is coming up and I'm determined to take advantage of that to at least paint this formidable, sexy, Wild Beast!


Painting posts will of course be provided.

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