Sunday, April 27, 2014

Me Paint!

I've been jabbed at more than once for my lack of willingness to paint my miniatures. It isn't that I can't paint (though I'm certainly no expert or even that good) its that I don't value painted armies like some guys do. Playing against a painted army isn't some earth changing positive experience for me and painting take more of my own valuable time than I'd normally I don't. However, if I want to go to a GT I'll have to change that.

This is Knight Commander Pask's Tank so thus it shall be the Hand of Steel

A real basic paint scheme. Should make painting the whole lot simpler.

I think I spent as much time on the plasma cannons as the rest of the tank!

This is the finally painted Wild Beast 

This guy turned out a bit darker than Hand of Steel.  I'm not certain why since it got less layers. Ah, well.

I'm digging the metallic purple for plasma weapons and will do that for the whole army.

 These guys will likely be my go to HQ for the new book.

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