Saturday, April 26, 2014

Biding My Time: Tournament Pics

I've been very busy with school, work, and five different diseases amongst my two children (fun, fun.) I haven't finished writing up even the first battle report but I will soon(ish.) Until then, here are some pics of some of the armies at the tournament.

He was originally going to play seven flyers!

My second round opponent, but more on that later

I call this guy a dirty net lister, because he is. Hi, Jesse.

Yep, most of the store has either Tau or Eldar in one form.

I was amazed to see railguns. I had to take a picture.

My third round opponent.
There were sixteen of us total but most people didn't just have their army out to get a shot. I might ask people to next time just to get more shots.

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