Thursday, May 1, 2014

Escalation: How To Do It

There is a follow up tournament coming up on the 10th that I want to go to. The only problem is that it is allowing Escalation and I want to win. Did I mention that there will likely be at least two Revenant Titans?
First, lets look at some important points regarding my status as an Escalation player.
  1. The only Lord of War I own is a Baneblade
    • Baneblades suck in Escalation
  2. I own two Aegis Defense Lines for Stronghold Assault
    • I don't have time to make other fortifications
  3. Forgeworld is allowed for this tournament
Second, lets look at the dangers of playing Escalation and my usual army style (mechanized.)
  1. Lords of War carry numerous weaknesses
    • Enemies get a bonus to Seize the Initiative! (If you don't have a LoW)
    • Enemies get bonus VPs for taking out Lords of War
    • Lords of War are expensive!
    • Lords of War can rarely handle flyers
    • Warlords can have special anti-LoW warlord traits (Again, if you don't have a LoW)
  2. Mechanized lists blow vs. Lords of War
    • Much fewer targets since many tanks are expensive
      • Also can't use cover (or smoke) against Str D.
    • Large units can still hide the important models (anti-tank weapons and such)
Third, lets combine the two of these to see if we can find something that will help us tackle Revenant Titans and, hopefully, make for a tournament winning list.
  1. I want to get first turn and Coteaz lets me re-roll my boosted Seize if I don't take a LoW.
  2. Most of the Escalation Warlord traits only benefit the warlord if he can get close.
    • This is bad for IG but that is the  army I play
  3. If I don't take a LoW I can field a much bigger army.
  4. I own two Vendetta gunships
  5. Blobs, proper spread out, don't care as much about Str D large blasts (only kills a few models.) 
So, where does this leave me for list building?

I'm thinking infantry IG with Inquisition and Militarum Tempests. But why, you ask? Here's why.

IG - Gives me numbers. Numbers of men and numbers of lascannons and other, reach out and touch you, hurtful things. They also give me access to vendettas. Plus, its my main army.
Militarum Tempest - These guys can deep strike with a number of meltaguns. The Scion squads will be scoring too, which will help versus some enemies.
Inquisition - Provides me with more potent warlords and Coteaz (for Psyker and his Seize the Initiaive! bonus.) A terminator malleus man can deep strike with the Scions and give them the benefit of his warlord trait, if needed.

So, a rough list then:
Command Squad (1-2) with Master of the Fleet and Standards 
Psykers and Priest for their benefits
Platoons (2-3) with PCSs in Vendettas and Blobs with Lascannons
Vendettas (2)

Militarum Tempestus-
Deep Strikers with Meltaguns

Terminator Mallues Inquisitor

Fill in the blanks from there and you might have an army that wins and Escalation tournament without a LoW or a Void Shield Generator. Here's to hoping anyway.


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