Thursday, April 17, 2014

Astra Militarum Vs. Militarum Tempestus...

I got my Astra Militarum codex today. Neat book. Nice army. Nothing really new but I'll post on this later.

Still hyped on Militarum Tempestus, the first thing I checked (after Tank Commanders) was how Stormtroopers compare book to book. The short answer is that there aren't any differences rules wise except two things.
...but maybe three or four.

1) FOC Slots - Militarum Tempestus units are HQ and Troops while Astra Militarum are all elite. This is a strong argument for allying in Stormtroopers because then you also get scoring units.

2) Orders - Astra Militarum Tempestor Primes get junior officer orders while Militarum Tempestus get their own unique orders. Another important point is that the orders DO NOT jump codices. So if you ally in Stormtroopers you cannot benefit from Astra Militarum orders (so no First Rank Fire!) while, within Astra Militarum, you cannot have the Tempestor Prime order around guardsmen. While this might seem like an argument for fielding Stormtroopers out of Astra Militarum I actually like the orders within Militarum Tempestus more. To me they are better problem solvers while the Astra Militarum orders are straight force multipliers. We'll call this one a draw.

With both of those in mind, I think I'll be allying Militarum Tempestus most of the time instead of taking them as elites. I'm note concerned as much about the orders and any army out there benefits from having more scoring units.

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