Wednesday, April 2, 2014


Part of me wants to blog but at the moment I don't really know what I want to blog about because of the TWO new codices coming out. Anything I do, except Battle Reports (which require me to actually play a game :(  ), would be quickly be made moot once these great tomes emerge. I'm hoping that Tempestus hits my mailbox soon so that I can read through it and give some reactions.

I'm am developing another article similar to the Nine Principles of Warfare one based on comparing On War by Clauswitz to the Tactica Imperialis (I swear they're the same document) but I want to give that more shine than my typical article, which is a bit more haphazard.

Anybody have some suggestions about things to post about? This you want to see once I get my hands on Tempestus?

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  1. When you get the Tempestus Codex the first things I wanna know are how the orders work and the differences between our current Codex and The Scions (for units that appear in both).

    For now, more of your principles of war articles. I enjoyed the last one.