Friday, April 4, 2014

Current Rumors: Vendetta vs. Hydra

I looked at the current rumors today at Natfka's Place and saw that the Vendetta (justifiably) will probably be going up to 170 points. While I'm nominally fine with the increase, the increase to the Valkyrie (see some rumors at Imperial Patrol) going up about 20-30 points seems harsh on top. Air Cavalry is surely getting hit with the stick I was afraid of. Good thing I don't play Air Cavalry :)

How Its Done

I've never really liked fielding flyers to begin with so I have high hopes from some of the rumors in the new Codex. I typically only fielded Vendettas to keep the skies clear and because Hydras competed with my precious Leman Russ tanks for the Heavy Support slots. I'm hoping those days are done.

Previous rumors seemed to indicate that the AM will get to field Tank Commanders as an HQ. I'd be really surprised (and disappointed) if this didn't allow Russ to be fielded in the troops (or maybe elites) slot, similar to bike captains for Space Marines. Should that be the case, expect to see a Tank Commander in EVERY army I field.

Basic army setup of the future:
Tank Commander
Another Tank
Siege Tank
Big Gun Tank
Scoring Guys
More Scoring Guys
Heavy Support-

It'll be pretty awesome. I'll probably be selling my Vendettas to afford a new Hydra or three even. I like my conversions but they're a little small (quad gun on Chimera hull) compared to the new and the new Hydra looks pretty damn sexy.

Sorry Vendetta but your lose is my gain.

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