Thursday, May 7, 2015

The Summer Goal

Well, a new Imperial Knight codex and an upcoming summer leaves me with a self imposed painting challenge to get an 1850 army up, painted, and ready to go. As of right now, that army will be all knights, using their new faction.

Lead By This Guy
Exalted Court Formation:
High King Warden (Warlord) - Reaper Chainsword, Avenger Gatling Bolt Cannon, and Sanctuary Relic
Knight Paladin - Reaper Chainsword and Repeater Battle Cannon
Knight Paladin - Reaper Chainsword and Repeater Battle Cannon
Knight Casigator - Tempest Blade and Castigator Pattern Bolt Cannon
Knight Gallant - Reaper Chainsword, Big 'ol Fist, and Meltagun

The Exalted Court formation basically makes all of the knights into Seneschals (note: Seneschal is not a thing anymore.) One guy, the High King, and your potential warlord, gets an additional +2 to WS/BS for quite the stat boost. Overall, not as good as the Baronal Court in my opinion but better for a knight force without allies, when you need each knight to shine its brightest.

In this army, I gave my Warden the Sanctuary Relic. Normally, this gives a +6 Ion Shield save to every facing you did not chose. Cool but not necessarily game breaking without stupid rolling. When combined with my formation bonuses, it means that my warlord will always have a +3 invul on one facing and an +5 invul on all of the others. This makes him a very tough nut to crack.

The WS/BS bonuses are useful in an army where two knights have ballistic skill rolling main weapons (Warden and Castigator) ensuring very high accuracy of fire. The Gallant serves the purpose of being cheap and giving me a fifth knight. I'll probably run him very aggressively, hopefully buying the army more turns of firepower before melee occurs. The Paladins are solid and reliable. Won't leave the hold without them.

Once June begins, expect some painting updates for the first time in a long time.

Any advice on modeling Sanctuary?

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