Friday, May 29, 2015

Space Marine Battle Company Challenge

The Burning Eye issued a challenge for bloggers to post 'their' battle company, or what they'd lie to see as a Space Marine Battle Company. Being a tank heavy player (because you've seen my posts right?) I've always been a big fan of the Aurora Chapter. For those that don't know, the Aurora Chapter are an Ultramarines successor that, thanks to a typo somewhere, receives several times their allotment of vehicles from the mechanicus, primarily a disproportionate number of Predator tanks.

The only reason I don't play these guys are because IG is a thing.
Aurora Chapter Battle Company
Headquarters –
Space Marine Captain – Artificer Armor, Jump Pack, Grav Pistol, and Power Mace
Chaplain – Jump Pack
Librarian – Force Sword
Command Squad – Apothecary, Standard Bearer, Company Champion, and two veterans with flamers

Elite –
Ironclad Dreadnought – Hunter Killer Missiles and Ironclad Assault Launchers
Dreadnought – Assault Cannon and Heavy Flamer

Troops –
Tactical Squad – Missile Launcher and Flamer
Tactical Squad – Multimelta and Meltagun
Tactical Squad – Heavy Bolter and Plasmagun
Tactical Squad – Plasma Cannon and Plasmagun
Tactical Squad – Lascannon and Flamer
Tactical Squad – Missile Launcher and Meltagun

Fast Attack –
Assault Squad – Flamers and Thunder Hammer
Assault Squad – Plasma Pistols and Power Sword

Heavy Support –
Devastator Squad – Lascannons
Devastator Squad – Missile Launchers

Motor Pool (Dedicated) –
Razorback APC – Twin-Heavy Bolters and Rough Terrain Modifications
Rhino APC x8 – Rough Terrain Modifications

Motor Pool (On loan from armory) –
Predator Destructor Squadron – Three Predator Tanks with Autocannons and Heavy Bolters
Predator Annihilator Squadron – Three Predator Tanks with Twin Lascannons and Lascannon Sponsons
Deimos Patter Predator “The Old Man” – Plasma Executioner Turret
Vindicator Siege Tank “Jericho” – Rough Terrain Modifications and Extra Armor
Land Raider “Strong Arm of Ultramar” – Hunter Killer Missile
Land Raider Helios "Suppression"
Whirlwind “Hellraiser”

Motor Pool (Fleet Support) –
Stormtalon Gunship “Heavy Rain” – Twin-Heavy Bolters and Twin-Assault Cannon
Stormtalon Gunship “Farsight” – Typhoon Missile Launchers and Twin-Assault Cannon
Stormraven Gunship “Fist of Heaven” – Typhoon Missile Launchers and Twin-Assault Cannon
Stormraven Gunship “Comet” – Twin-Heavy Bolters and Twin-Plasmacannon

Tenth Company Support –
Two Scout Demi-Squads with Bolters and Heavy Bolter and Land Speeder Storm transports

So, clearly I broke his rules regarding the number of vehicles because...Aurora Chapter. However, the rest is fairly standard  Battle Company per the fluff. Six Tactical, Two Assault, and Two Devastator squads provide the bulk of the manpower, with the good 'ol bolter doing much of the heavy lifting. Both my Captain and Chaplain are equipped with jump packs because I've always pictured them being in the thick of it once it all began. The Librarian is a more support role and will accompany the command squad, providing point command if need be.

Focusing on the speed and force that armored assaults allow them to pull off, the flyers will transport the dreadnoughts as a form of mobile reserves. I've always imagined the scouts providing a form of reconnaissance, or artillery spotting, until things become a more pitched battle, which marines should be avoiding, at which point the heavy weapon allows them to become a reserves force themselves.

Since the Aurora Chapter has an abundance of armored vehicles, there is not reason for every squad to not have a dedicated transport, allowing them to move swiftly to and around the battle in support of each other.

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