Saturday, May 23, 2015

Painting, Day 3 & 4

Made some progress. Got just about all of the details done on the demolishers, started the base coats on the exterminators, and even went back to my executioner and added some green to match is regiment mates. I like the green and think that it and grey will be my colors. I'm holding off and continuing the demolishers until the rest are at the same place, then I'll apply washes. I'm going for a darker look so I'll see what is needed after that.

Front and Back Views
Defending the kitchen counter
I'm hoping that a few washes will give them a grimmy, industrial look
The basic layer of grey. 2nd and 3rd layers go on a lot quicker and cleaner. My primer must suck.
The green will be rewashed later so they all look good together. The hull shown here is the end result I'm looking for, staring with grey and darkening up with washes, that darken crevasses moreso, until I have a very dark and uneven grey.

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