Thursday, May 21, 2015

Painting Demolishers, Day 2

I've decided to do 'daily updates' on painting my demolisher tanks. I put that in '' because I might not get to paint daily but, when I do, I'll do an update. I'm trying to do an hour a day but my wife won't help hold me to that until this summer formally begins for us, in two more weeks. Each new update will just update the date could...and now I realized I'm rambling. Here is a pic:
I basically just evened out the grey on the turrets (not shown) and added some green to the side. I was going to do a strip but I figured that was too hard. All tanks are going to be color coded by 'squadron' (purely fluff) and these guys are green squadron.

The paint clumped in a few places despite my best effort and watering it down. I had to take a razor under the door handles on the top hatches. Dohh. Clearly a newbie mistake that I thought even I was beyond.

Next, boltgun metal on stuff.

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