Wednesday, December 10, 2014


GW Digital Editions will finally get to the one spot on their advent calendar I care about, the IG spot. So far it has all been missions, painting guides, and repackaging of old products. The rumors say that this will be some Creed related material. If so, GW has wasted a golden opportunity to help build up various factions and inspire players to buy new things. Bad business GW, bad business.


  1. I dont understand why they dont do so much more with downloads!

    Off the top of my head for Guard players alone:

    Marbo - That would sell.

    Soldiers of Valour (or something) once a month a vet commander is made with a tiny blurb of why they are heroes of the guard. Like imperial propaganda for moral. Then we can use them as commanders on the field and so on.

    Doctrines for regiments. Inspire some flavour and keep the non cadians happy.

    Those are just a small few that could be done regularly like in the old white dwarf. But the cool thing is it could be done with all the factions so easily throughout the year.

    Missed opportunities to both make money and keep us happy. Oh well, maybe we will strike gold with a marbo, but I doubt it.

    1. Imagine how useful he would be in your Infantry force...

  2. A man can only dream...

    Plus, there is a lot of precedent for recycling troops now that the skyblight swarm is now a thing.