Thursday, December 11, 2014

It was...a mission?

Well, the much anticipated (by myself at least) IG component for this year's advent calendar was a mission based on a short story about Creed. Lame.
Echoes of War: Astra Militarum - Last Step Backwards (ebook)
Great Pose, Poor Content
I'll be honest, I'm rendering judgement on this before reading it, mostly because I'll likely never read it. Don't get me wrong, I like Creed. I like Cadians. Hell, I like anything Imperial Guard related. Despite that, there is no way in Hell I'm paying five bucks to read a mission based on a story.

Now, I might buy the story but that sort of content is what you'd expect from the Black Library portion of the advent calendar. Stories. Works for me. Digital Editions should give something more. Dataslates that don't suck for one. Filling in holes from codices (such as the massive work done to help out Tyranids for one) would be a good idea too. It isn't like there isn't a massive amount of IG stuff out there to make a formation or dataslate from. Just off the cuff:
  • Sentinels Formations (3-4 squads that get deployment bonuses)
  • Ratlings Teams (2-3 squads that get bonuses for working together)
  • Captain Al'rahem
  • Valkyrie/Platoon Formation (So that airborne platoons can arrive together)
  • Hellhound Formation (gets the hellstorm template if they fire together)
  • Commander Chenkov
  • Guardsman Marbo
  • Elite Snipers (though Assassins really covered this)
  • Heavy Weapon Platoons
The list goes on and on really. Step up GW, step up.

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