Friday, December 12, 2014

30K: Questoris Knight List

I am considering picking up a copy of Horus Heresy 4: Conquest from Forgeworld. In addition to some great lore and a genuinely pretty book, it contains the Questoris Knight House list for the 30k setting. If anything, its actually weaker than knights in 40k (no adamantine lance or auto seneschals for example) but does contain their flavor and has some neat special abilities.

Being a listhammer guy, I made a list.
Damn these things are cool. Like 20% cooler even.
Note: Knight that are in different spots of the list gain different abilities. I'll try to explain them in the list itself.

Lord Scion Knight Paladin - Poison Rounds
Gains WS/BS5 and Poison(+4) on the stubber shots

Aspirant Knight Paladin - Questoris Battle Cannon
Dropped to WS/BS to 3 and the Ion Shield is only a +5. The gun gains a shot but loses 2 strength.

Aspirant Knight Errant
Dropped to WS/BS to 3 and the Ion Shield is only a +5.

Arbalester Knight Castigator
Gains Tank Hunter. Also gains Skyfire if the model doesn't move (optional.)

Battle Plan:
Four hulking death machines doing death. Mostly focusing on shooting the enemy to death but not afraid to get into CC if needed. The Castigator will hang back most of the time, unless the enemy doesn't have flyers. At 2000, I'd add an elite knight that has interceptor and gives it to knights within 6"; teaming it with the Castigator for fun times.

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