Thursday, June 25, 2015

Summer Painting: IT LIVES!! IT LIVES!!

Welp, got me some infantry finished...
The Commander, plus a good sample of the overall, lowish, painting quality...

Ready to fail at hurting flyers. At least it fulfills the formation tax.
Company Command and Veteran Squad. Not the controversial deployment of  Rig'ged pattern plasmaguns.
Up next: Three Veteran Squads with Meltaguns. That'll mean the end of my infantry painting for a while and I can go back to painting drab uninteresting tanks. I'm over half the points through my summer painting challenge here.

Painted Points:
Veteran Squad w/ Plasma - 105
Command Squad w/ Plasma and Aquila - 180
Exterminator Command Squad - 345
Two Demolishers - 340
Executioner Tank - 175
Hydra - 70
Total: 1215 (65.7%)

Unpainted Points:
Three Veteran Squads with Meltaguns - 270
Five Chimeras - 325
Armored Sentinel - 50
Total: 645 (34.3%)


  1. Hey man. Looking good! It's nice to see someone knuckling down and painting their models!

    One suggestion, dry brush the tracks of your tank heavily with silver leaving black in the recess. This will make your tracks look very realistic without having to weather them.

    Other than that keep it up!

    1. I think I am actually going to do that...sometime in the future ;)

      I'm currently abiding by the idea that I'm just minimum painting an army until I have a painted force, then I'll go back later and give some nice finishing touches like dry brushing the treads (which I did not like how they turned out at all.)