Monday, June 22, 2015

Summer Painting Continues...

Haven't talked about my next group of 'to be painteds' yet so I figured I'd post and update.
How they started...

How the infantry are now..
Hail Hydra (that never gets old...)
Sorry for the picture quality. All the infantry need are some details, their weapons, and a nice black wash to darken them up. Same for the Hydra. Another day or two tops. At this rate I'm almost on track to finish my summer painting goal of an 1850 army. Joy.

After these guys, I've only got 30 veterans, 5 chimeras, and a Sentinel...why do I play IG again? Oh yeah, because I totally dig having bodies, and tanks, to spare on the table top. Now I'm paying the cost for that. Can't wait until I ever get fully committed to infantry and have to paint a conscript blob...shoot me.

In related news, I cannot believe how crummy my models are. 99% of everything I own, somebody else did first. Saves money and I like to think I'm giving these poor unloved models a good home and purpose in life (slaying the enemies of man.) However, I didn't realize all of the flaws until I had to paint them and thus pay attention to details. Some had weird gaps in them, like hands not quite making it to their arms. One had a hole drilled into it (how'd I miss that!?!) I'm repairing and ignoring on a case by case basis, since I'm not looking to win any awards here, but some of these poor guys are severely mistreated. Who spends that much on this stuff (assuming you're not cheap like me and buy exclusively from 2nd hand sources) and then not even bother to put it together even close to right? I guess these poor abused things will just have to put up with how I treat them.

C'est la vie...

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