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ASSASSIN!!! Tournament Report

The FLGS had a 1k casual tournament so I decided, especially since I did not know how competitive the casual meta really was during the casual events, to try out something I've always wanted to try, the Assassinorum Execution Force.

Sorry, no pics this time.

Like the dirty dozen, except they blow up when they die.
My List:
CCS - Regimental Standard
Ministorum Priest
PCS - Autocannon
Infantry Squad - Autocannon
Infantry Squad - Autocannon
Conscripts x30
Veteran Squad - Lascannon
Assassinorum Execution Force -
Vindicare Assassin
Eversor Assassin
Callidus Assassin
Culexus Assassin

Warlord Trait (rolled the same each game!): Master of Ambush

The Format:
The setup was something unusual, we each picked five Maelstrom Objectives and kept those five, and only those five, for the whole tournament. d3 Objectives were worth 2 points and all the usual tertiary were in effect. Also, all deployments were Dawn of War.

I picked, 
Assassin and Kingslayer (because...theme)
Ascendency and Superiority (for the points)
Hold the Line (because IG)

Game 1 versus Iron Hands/Blood Angels
His List:
Librarian - Bolter and Lvl 2
Scouts x5 - Sniper Rifles, Heavy Bolter (Hellfire), and Camo Cloaks
Scouts x5 - Sniper Rifles and Camo Cloaks
Devastator Centurions x4 - Grav Cannons and Hurrican Bolters
Sanguinary Priest - Valor's Edge and Inferno Pistol
Sanguinary Guard x5 - Inferno Pistol x5
Scouts x5 - Sniper Rifles, Heavy Bolter (Hellfire), and Camo Cloaks

He went with the scouts infiltrating into some mid-field ruins, the centurions (with scary lib) in reserve, and the sanguinary guard (with sang priest) deep striking, because they're BA and that is how they roll.

My shooty squads and regimental command deployed in some ruins in my area while the assassins deployed to take on his scouts while the conscripts infiltrated into his zone to make a pest of themselves.

Early Game-
I failed to get first blood on the first turn because of good cover and his snipers struggled to hurt my assassins in return. On the next turn, the Eversor and Callidus finished one squad while the Culexus failed to charge one of them and the Vindicare/Autocannons thinned another, sniping out sergeants for assassinate.

Mid Game-
His Centurions came on and, to my surprise, they did so next to the Culexus. He figured he would be able to kill it in one salvo but failed to do so, inflicting a single wound. In return, I shot/charged him with the Culexus and killed one one between those two, losing a wound in return but denying him their firepower. The Eversor and Culexus moved in his direction to support while everything else finished off his scouts.

The sanguinary guard came down near the conscripts and blasted a few. I charged him back. A light blendery noise was heard and a bunch of conscripts died. Fearless meant that he was locked though.

Late Game-
The sanguinary guard will continue to blend, mince, and puree conscripts with no casualties in return thanks to artificer armor and FnP.

The Culexus kills the centurion sergeant on a 6 to wound, but took his second wound and he did not run. Next turn, the Eversor and Callidus will charge in to help and I would do exactly...0...wounds. The Culexus will be killed though so it wasn't a slap fest. On the last turn of the game the Callidus will step up and kill them all after the Eversor did a few wounds here and there.

The sanguinary guard would eventually get free of the conscripts in time to make a charge into my platoon. Unfortunately, for them, I would fail morale on the shot up PCS and run off the board, leaving them out in the open and rip to be killed when time was called.

Final Points:
Assassins - 12
IH/BA - 6

Victory to the Assassins

Game 2 versus Necrons
His List:
Necron Lord - Warscythe and Veil of Darkness
Necron Warriors x11
Necron Warriors x14 - Night Scythe
Deathmarks x10
Annihilation Barge
Annihilation Barge

He starts the barges and small warrior squad on the table, in cover. I deploy very similarly to last game, in ruins for the shooters and near him for attackers.

Early Game:
Poor/Awesome rolling plagues the Callidus. She will fail to kill all but 1-2 necron warriors despite getting two shots and a charge off on them. However, he would seize the initiative and fail to kill the Callidus despite two full shooting phases into the poor girl. It did not help that the Culexus failed the charge to support her against the warriors, who clubbed her to death. On turn 2, the Vindicare blammos one of the barges.

Mid Game:
His flyer, with lord, comes in and goes after the Eversor and veteran squad, who are guarding an objective off to one side. We were denying each other superiority so he wanted me off and him on that objective. He bailed out and put two wounds on the eversor with the warriors and four on the veterans, who would run off the board with the night scythe. Not good.

The Culexus would try to charge the warriors but also fail to kill any and die. Those are some tough bots. At least he took 2-3 with him with mind bullets.

My armies shooting, including Vindicare, would bounce off his other barge.

Late Game:
The Eversor survives charging his warriors but would manage to kill exactly zero because he went 4/4 on +5 reanimation. His overlord (intelligence identifies him a chickoteph of the coward dynasty) refused my challenge. Next turn, he will kill 2, be clubbed to death, and explode, killing about 5. He accomplished far more in his death than in his life.

The conscripts would charge his warriors that felled two assassins and showed them how men fight, with bayonets.

In the end, he was ahead by two and I had two chances to change this, both hedging one turn after another by the vindicare. Turn 5, he gets a successful turbo penetrator round through to the overlord. On a 5 or 6 he is dead and I'll get warlord, operation assassinate, and kingslayer, easily winning. However, I rolled a two and the overlord would stick behind LoS blocking terrain for the rest of the game...coward :) On turn 6, I penned the annihilation barge that was claiming an objective. With it dead, I'd get supremacy (or superiority, whatever it is called) and win by 1. I rolled a 2. It was a good day for twos.

In the backfield, which I've neglected to write about, my guardsmen took some punishment from the flyer and deathmarks but not enough to stop me over there. To be fair, another turn and he'd have taken that side because of the toughness on those deathmarks and some good 'ol melee. Time was called though.

Final Points:
Assassins: 5
Necrons: 7

Victory to the Necrons

Game 3 versus Flesh Tearers
His List:
Astroth the Grim
Tactical Squad x5
Tactical Squad x10 - Melta, Combi-Melta, Multimelta (snicker) in a Drop Pod
Raphen's Death Company
Sanguinary Guard - Inferno Pistol x2
Vindicator - Siege Shield

He deployed in cover, fearful of my guns, and I deployed a bit hesitant because he had a bit of melee for my assassins to handle. I'd play a long game. One bright spot. I got first turn and he deployed the sanguinary guard alone and off to the side. Callidus time.

Early Game:
Callidus kills three sang guard and then two more with overwatch on his turn. Good times.

Culexus starts picking off the tactical squad and will slowly kill them over the course of the game, without doing much else. The Vindicare will glance the Vindicator while he advances on me.

The drop pod will come down but only kill five conscripts due to cover. Some lasgun fire and a charge on my second turn will see them killed to the last man. Again, a 115 point mob proves itself to be the best melee in the game.

Mid Game:
I charge his death company with my Callidus and Eversor, failing with the Callidus and eating an inferno pistol to the face for her effort. The Eversor will put two wounds on Astorath (who isn't a coward) and then eat three wounds of thunder hammer, blowing up two death company

Shooting at the Vindicator is ineffective and he lobs some shells into the densely packed platoon. However, they go to ground and don't loose too many men. No negative either, thanks to guard orders (never leave home without them.)

Late Game:
The critical moment was when Astroth and his two remaining D.Co. (a subsidiary of Murder Inc.) tried to charge the platoon. Overwatch killed one and he failed the charge (rolled double 1s.) This gave me a last turn to kill them off, with the Vindicare popping Astroth with a Shield Breaker. By now, he was down to the Vindicator and Drop Pod

On the last turn, he would tank shock through my platoon, hoping poor rolling would see me run for it. I didn't and the poor tank took autocannon fire into the rear for it. The Vindicare finished off his drop pod and he was tabled.

Final Points:
Assassins 13
Blood Angels 1

Victory to the Assassins

Total Placing: 2nd Place

End of Tournament Thoughts:
I got a lot of points, highest in the tournament, and only had 2nd because I had that lose, to the guy who took first and was undefeated. He was a great opponent and it was probably the funnest game of 40k I've played in a long time. I really like this list, especially at 1k when I probably won't see a lot of flyers. If I go to another 1k casual event soon, I'll probably take the same setup.

I'm glad I didn't face the Typhon Siege Tank that the Chaos player took, though I probably could have still won on objectives.

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