Friday, April 10, 2015

Upcoming Event: 30k Knights at 2k Points

For those not paying attention, Imperial Knights have kinda become my second love. They're everything, or at least most things, I love about the IG and more. While I have caught a bit of flak for playing them as much as I do (Hey, it could be centstar!) I don't think they're as bad as most people make them out to be, especially given our local meta that is very brutal. Honestly, we don't do casual here.

Of course, that means the FLGS is hosting a 2k 'casual' event. Having gone to one of these before, I can tell you that 'casual', in this case, means that more options are opened up and less restrictions are in place. If anything, it gets more competitive because of that. The big restriction being lifted this time is that players can use 30k, as long as they don't mix it with 40k.

That in mind, I'm running Knight Questoris. House Pelletier will walk!

This list, and my rationale:
HQ- Knight Seneschal Lancer
The Lancer is a natural choice for the Seneschal. The increased invulnerable save will apply in melee and WS5 means that is where he'll be in his element. BS5 will also help him make the most of those plasma shots, netting an additional hit, on average, a turn.

Elt- Knight Perceptor Paladin with Questoris Battle Cannon
The Perceptor is a fun and almost overpowered choice. If it works out too well, I might self-restrict myself from taking it to 'casual' events in the future. For those not in the know, it gives the knight a 6'' bubble of Interceptor granted to other knights (and himself.) He also benefits my reserve rolls and can overwatch. Where this really benefits me will be against drop pod armies, which knights struggle against. His gun is already a marine killer and Str6 means I don't have to worry too much about it hurting my own models when firing up close. The interceptor coming in bubble form also means that I can keep him near the lancer to give a nice surprise to any deep strikers trying to get in the lancer's unshielded rear.

Knight Martial Paladin with Rapid Fire Battle Cannon
Knight Martial Errant
These guys gain Objective Secured in a Questoris list so I wanted to have at least two troops to benefit from that (Questoris normally only needs one troop choice.) Both are offering the standard knight fair otherwise and will be used to fill in gaps and do anything the other knights aren't.

Heavy- Knight Arbilaster Castigator
Arbilaster is like Perceptor in that it might be too good. However, I'll likely never take Questoris without at least one because it is the only way to get anti-air in the list. If an Arbilaster knight does not move in the Movement Phase it can chose to gain Skyfire. It also gains Tank Hunter. This makes the Castigator perfect for swatting flyers out of the sky and we have two players locally who run flyer spam of one kind or the other (Space Wolves, grrr.) If flyers are a real concern, he'll be kept near the Perceptor to intercept one before it goes.

As far as other options, because most people do not own enough knights to really run questoris, I have the Magaera and Archeron that will not be making an appearance here. Mostly because they aren't assembled yet but I could change that if I really wanted. However, I like the extra abilities I was able to afford that those two are points expensive, meaning I'd have to drop something or reduce the Knight Martials to Knight Aspirants, which I'd like to avoid.

Just to repeat on those that might call this overpowered, it might be and I acknowledge that. However, it might also get wrecked given what I know a bunch of local have and take. Summon Spam, Centstars, Flying Wolves, and Necrons are not uncommon. A few people have also talked about joining the Skitarii bandwagon and that means haywire. If this list turns out to be too much, I'll reel it in for the next event but I'm honestly thinking there is a very good chance it won't be overpowered, at least against those players that will probably win.


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