Thursday, March 12, 2015

I Have A Problem...

I was going through my miniature collection recently and I realized something...I have an addiction.

I googled "buried in plastic" and this came up. Surprisingly appropriate.

I have too many miniatures and keep collecting more. All of these are projects that I actually intent to complete, someday, and deeply enjoy but geez, it is kinda overwhelming when I think about it.

Just to demonstrate, here is a list of active 'projects' just on the top of my head:

  • Knights House - Five knights in various states of assembly/paint that I want to add more to.
  • Infantry Guard - 100+ men, minimum, all that I have basically only primed.
  • Air Force - Just acquired Valk chassis 3-5 AND a B25J model I'll convert to a Marauder Destroyer. I'm not even a fan of flyers but I'm increasingly convinced that airborne might be one of the most competitive IG builds and 3 of them were being let go cheaply.
  • Rough Riders - Bits sitting aside for a full 36 man platoon.
  • Kasrkin - 51 models, ten of which I'm actually in the middle of painting (pics when done, in about a week hopefully.)
  • Artillery - Nine guns that need paint.
  • Fortifications - Two Aegis Defense Lines and an Imperial Bastion (which is still unassembled.)
  • A bucket of tanks that desperately need a bit of paint put on them
I don't see it as a problem because I don't want the stuff. Actually, I want it all and more. I like having my 'regiment' in the same way some players try to collect whole chapters of Space Marines or the like.

I don't see it as a problem because I spend too much money. Actually, almost all of it was gotten second hand, at severely reduced prices and via excellent trades, or from...other...sources. In dollars, I probably spent 20% of what it all would have cost new. Of course, that also means that much of it look semi-beaten up but I say that just gives it character.

It is a problem because I'm a very slow painter who enjoys ever part of the hobby more than I enjoy painting. Part of the appeal of knights is their biggest weakness...low model count. I briefly played Paladinstar when Grey Knights came out for similar reasons. 

Despite that, I really don't intend to do anything about it right now except get a model or dozen painted over spring break (starting with that Kasrkin squad and moving onto a knight or two.) I just really hate painting.

No real point to this post. I'm not bragging or explaining or asking for sympathy. I just kinda want to see if any of my few readers have similar issues...

Anybody have some fun stories of overflowing collections to share?


  1. Same boat. "Keep saying ok that's enough factions. Just get what you owned built and painted" *Proceeds to buy a ton of Harlequin stuff*


  2. I was in the same predicament about 2 years ago ish I think.

    I scrapped EVERYTHING and started again. In my restart I got multiple game systems and made sure either I, or someone else painted my models. Lately things are starting to slide again so I did a minor clear out.

    My opinion, if its so bad that you will never finish it, start fresh (or in your case maybe sell off the unused stuff) and paint your way through it.

    I mean, ultimately, do you really need 9 artillery pieces? :P

    Model addiction is serious and its even worse when it doesnt get touched with paint. Overcome the thrill of buying, and embrace the joy of product completion!

  3. I am the same, i buy buy stuff and their is no need for it. But i keep seeing things on ebay and thinking but its less than half price. I think i have a problem. Any one want to buy some orks?

    1. Hmmm...I could use a stompa to go with my Knights...