Friday, September 26, 2014

WIP: Adamantine Lance

I figured that its been too long since I updated this blog and the last one isn't much. Bad news, this one isn't either. Good news, in one way it is bigger.
They call him THE CLAW!
I finished putting together Knight two that I received in the mail recently. I am now broke and having the gaming time of my life, on the rare instance I get to game. I need to get my third knight put together in the next two weeks (midst two papers in master's program) so that I can take my Adamantine Lance to a team tournament along side my brother-in-law's Space Wolves. Our combined army has less than twenty models. Its going to be sweet.

In related news, I did go to the tournament last month and will be working on some battle reports. They'll probably be my typically brief style and I took the Steel Host list I post earlier. Worked like a charm and I am my only reason I didn't take first.

Here's a preview of my first game:

Mine is the worse painted one :)

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  1. I really like that claw. It looks like it can slap, backhand and grab things whilst also being a good claw haha. Cool model dude.