Saturday, September 27, 2014

Warhammer Fantasy Tournament

I went to a WHFB tournament today and it was for 600 points but that was great because it meant that the games went fast.

My List:
Warrior Priest - Heavy Armor, Shield, Barded Warhorse, Potion of Foolhardiness, and Dragonhelm
Inner Circle Knights x9 - Full Command and Gleaming Pennant
Pistolier x5 - Champion (Repeater Pistol) and Musician
Luminark of Hysh

I took no photos...sorry.

FYI, all games were Scenario One (line up and kill each other) and the terrain was universal on all tables. If you were to divide the table into quadrants then two opposite quadrants would have a tower in the center. It was kept simple because the tournament is partially for training games.

Game 1 versus ...
To start things off poorly as I received the 'by' for the round. I get an auto-win (for win/loss/tie records) and get average VPs for all other players.

Game 2 versus Empire

His List:
Spearmen x20 - Full Command
Handgunners x10
Knightly Orders x8 - Full Command
Great Cannon

Battle Summary:
I hid my Pistoliers behind my tower and they began an extended cat and mouse game with his handgunners. I eventually lost two of them but they ran circles around his gunners and shot them all up.
He advanced early with his knights but my Luminark managed to setup a side shot with its MAGICAL LASER! and killed four of them. My Knights had ran past his and my Luminark reversed as his knights failed charges, while pegging off two more knights with its MAGICAL LASER!
My Knights pressed on through to his spearmen, breaking them with a payer enhanced charge and reforming to charge his cannon next turn. That cannon had done two wounds to the Luminark and swatted a knight out so I didn't feel bad when it got run down. The Knights turned around and pulled off a last turn charge on his last two knights.

Victory for the...Empire? You know what I mean.

Game 3 versus Empire (not two shocking, 60% of the armies there were Empire)

Hist List:
Warrior Priest - Heavy Armor and Two Hand Weapons (perhaps more)
Swordsmen x20 - Full Command
Handgunners x10 - Champion (Repeater Handgun)
Great Cannon
Hellblaster Volley Gun

Pre-Game Thoughts:
If I wanted to take the tournament I had to brutalize his army and receive a reaping of VPs. That means surviving his firepower for as few casualties as possible. His warmachines scared me but I'm fast so he only gets a turn or two to pull it off.

Batte Summary:
His handgunners deployed opposite my pistoliers on the edge of the board and my vanguard move meant that his handgunners had no targets (one element of firepower neutralized!) I rolled first turn and advanced the Pistoliers (stick covered by the tower) into range of his hellblaster. Shooting it was harmless but they only took on casualty from its return fire and charged it next turn. Combat would go on for a while but hiding gunners shoot no hellblasters, amiright?
The Luminark deployed opposite his cannon, which blew up first turn. He'd had no misfires so far in the game so that was...awesome. The MAGICAL LASER (no, I won't stop doing that) would spend the rest of the game sniping handgunners from behind them since he turned around to try and kill my knights after they...
...charged his swordsmen on turn two. They didn't kill enough to stop steadfast on the charge but only took on casualty (+1 armor saves rock) and ran them down after the next combat. On my turn, I reformed to face the cannon. Next turn, they charged and finished off the hellblaster (my pistoliers fail in melee but just keeping the hellblaster busy is totally worth it.)
The knights ended the game with a double charge with the Luminark into the handgunners. He double fled off the board as a means of surrender. I lost something like one knight and two pistoliers but tabled him.

Victory to the Empire because clearly they were a bunch of heretics...

I took the first place out of five players (it wasn't a big event.)

Next month is a Triumph and Treachery tournament at 750 points. I'm thinking about adding another unit of pistoliers and perhaps a tenth knight, to let the unit take casualties easier.

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