Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Angels of Death...

With 7th Edition about to land I find myself thinking about starting a second 40k army. I have my Imperial Guard (they're not Astra Militarum and they're not going anywhere) but I find myself missing something in 40k that I enjoyed with the only other two armies I really liked: Grey Knights and Blood Angels.

Those things were:

  • Mobility
  • Toughness
You be the one to tell him he isn't tough!
Don't get me wrong, IG has plenty going for it and I wouldn't trade them away for all the gold in England (not that I'd dismiss such offers out of hand) but there is something cool about the armies like Grey Knights and Blood Angels with their fancy armors, jump packs, teleporters, and the ability to fight in melee without relying on upteen billion men.

The money for this would be funded by the selling of my Empire army from WHFBs. They haven't been used in almost three years and I want to do something with them (anything) so selling counts. I have four ideas for the proceeds and I want people's opinion.
  1. Buy Blood Angels - Both as a stand alone army and as IG allies. Mostly jump packers and assault units. Perhaps as a sub-chapter (Flesh Tearers or Lamenters interest me.) Over time I may expand them.
  2. Buy Grey Knights - I totally love the Grey Knight fluff and even have a GK tattoo. That being said, they'd probably be made as a stand alone with plenty of Terminators and Interceptors, plus a Vindicare Assassin.
  3. Buy Valkyries - I have Stormtroopers and would like to field the air cavalry formation sometimes. That being said, this really does rely on GW fixing some problems that the Valk has in the new edition (ordinance missiles.) Even though I'm an armored guy (see option 4) some air support isn't wrong and Stormtroopers are buckets of fun.
  4. Buy More TANKS! - I could always use three more Exterminators and a couple Demolishers and that Deathstrike Missile is kinda sexy in an obviously compensating for something way. Plus, one can never own too many Chimeras and I could convert something for a Taurox Prime because gads that model. A Stormsword would add game to my Lords of War slot and I always wanted a million sentinels and...(you get the picture)
Of course, there is always option 5, which is another idea from my readers. Thoughts?


  1. Dont sell the Empire! You would miss out on the fun and excitement of WHFB. Empire are quite a good army right now in the current meta

    1. I understand that but nobody (and I mean nobody) plays WHFB here. I got the army to play but I have nobody to use it against and never have. I've played it maybe three times in the five years I owned it and its starting to become a source of deep regret every time I look at it. Also, the FLGS tried to get people into WHFB and still has 90% of the stock they bought that nobody ever picked up since it died real fast. Good first tournament and then 1-2 people showing up each month (all from out of town.)

  2. It may be pricey (I advise you check Ebay) but I highly suggest Scibor if you wanna make a Grey Knight Terminator army. The models are immaculate and they will really stand out among the crowd. they also sell a lot of heroes and walkers so its perfect if you want Grey Knights.

    If you do go this route I want pictures though :p