Tuesday, March 11, 2014

OOOHH! Shiny!

A short post today but I wanted to talk about the new minis popping up around the web for the upcoming IG release.

Gads! The Horror!

I'll start with this monstrosity. Can't stand it and won't be buying it. It looks like something that would be perfect for an Arbites army but I don't play arbites, I play IG (don't get me started on Militarum and that nonsense.) What does impress me though is what I found at this website (beware it is in Spanish for those that don't know the language or can use translators): El Descanso Del Escriba

I love the Ogryn and the Hydra. I might even fork out for some, which is a dramatic shift from my usual stance against either since A) Ogryn are going to be expensive and B) Hydras are simpler to make with Chimeras and Quadguns. All of this has me excited.

Quick note before I get back to work :) I hope the rumors of a Militarum Tempestus codex are true. I have three and a half squads of Stormtroopers (name change be damned) and I can't wait to use them as their own army, especially if this makes them scoring. It might even be enough to get me away from tank heavy lists. My absolute dream is to field Militarum Tempestus as the main army (hopefully making Stormtroopers scoring!) and then ally in IG and Inq. for all the bulk, vehicles, and accessories I might want in the army (like flyers.)

Ave Imperator! Good times ahead.

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  1. Agree big time. Although that transport is growing on me I cant see myself getting one.

    So far this release has been pretty exciting I think. Lets hope the rules keep this up!