Monday, April 18, 2016

Solar Auxilia or Knights?

I'm going to BAO this summer. Go me. I'm not sure what I should take. I want it to be fully painted. Right now, that means the mechanized Cadian Battle Group I have, which I'm not against taking because I don't think I'll be winning the whole shebang anyway (aren't I an optimist.)

The only other thing I am thinking about taking is my knights, however, they're still not painted. Its almost like you have to paint these things yourself or some nonsense. Geez.

Not mine. Heck, not anybody's. What happened to this guy?

So, here is my conundrum. I really want to work on my Solar Auxilia. More than I do knights, if I'm being honest. However, there is exactly zero chance of me finishing both by BAO. Heck, there is a chance I couldn't finish the knights alone between now and then since I'm both likely moving and am a teacher with nine preps.

This makes me think I should focus on my Solar Auxilia, allow the knights to take the back burner for now, and just take my Cadians to BAO and enjoy getting my butt handed to me.

Damned but they're some pretty models!
What do you guys think?

Also, I'd love some feedback on my 2k Solar Auxilia list I'm slowly building towards.

Lord Marshal - Volkite Serpentia x2     (Kept cheap for choosing my Warlord Trait and Ld10 across)
Auxilia Tank Commander     (Goes in the Valdor for BS4 and Tank Hunters)

Household Guard     (Preferred Enem on a unit with BS4 and volkite sounds fun)
     Dedicated Arvus Lighter - TL Lascannon     (Flying razorback)

Infantry Tercio #1-     (My static element, they'll hold a home objective)
Lasrifle Section - Blast Chargers     (Lets them be 18" S6 Heavy 1 if I need some more umph)
Velentaris Section - Rotor Cannons
Aegis Defense Line - Comms Relay

Infantry Tercio #2-     (Forward elements, they'll move up, blast things, and take objectives)
Velentaris Section x2
Dracosian x2 - Demolisher Cannons

Fast Attack-
Thunderbolt Fighter x2 - Ground Tracking Auguries     (Force the enemy to look to the skies. Plus, they'll blast even spartans if they can get side shots.)

Heavy Support-
Leman Russ Demolisher     (Because MOOOOAAARRRR demolisher cannons)
Leman Russ Demolisher
Valdor Tank Hunter - Armored Ceramite and Lascannon     (My answer to tough armor and superheavies. Straight up murders light armor.)

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