Saturday, March 19, 2016

A New Project: Solar Auxilia

Because I don't have enough things occupying my time :)

I'm here to chew bubblegum and vaporize heretics!

Yep, I'm getting into 30k. I'm always adored the Solar Auxilia models, and have several IG models that can work in both forces (Russ without sponsons and my Valdor) so I picked up the rules and some squads of veletaris (their veteran equivalents) in order to get a minimum force together. The whole 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea...IN SPAAACCCEEE!!!! thing really works for me, plus they play just different enough from IG that I can use them as a break. So far, on the chopping block for this project, thanks to a recent tax return, is:

Velentaris Storm Squad x2
Dracosian x2 (magnetized with both lascannons and demolisher cannon)
Lord Marshall (based on the Lord Solar Marcharius model)
Valdor Tank Hunter
Arvus Lighter (which is actually decent in 30k)
Baneblade (bough for IG but its rules suck in 40k. 30k has armored ceramite and no grav so its a lot better, if still over costed)

In time, I'll get more and be able to field a whole army of these guys. If the rumors are true, and knights, auxilia, and militia all get one big red book in May, or so, then I'll pick that book up and run them with a mix of all three at times. My FLGS allows 30k in their 40k events so I'll probably work to prepare for a tournament or two soon. I'm almost wrapped up with my master's degree (finger's crossed) so I look forward to getting in some proper hobby time soon.

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