Tuesday, July 28, 2015

My veterans are finished...

I'm not a 100% thrilled with these guys but they are finished, as of right now. If I'm still unsatisfied with them, I'll come back to them later. I've chimeras and a sentinel looking for paint and very close to finishing my summer goal. It'll be a photo finish folks.
Group shot, had to prove they're all finished
A blurry meltagunner.
My favorite mini in the bunch. Unique pose with a few SM Scout bits thrown in.
Sergeant McAxe, normally just a CCW but a poweraxe when working with platoons


  1. Once you base these guys (however you base them) I think you will find the model will look great. Basing is the best way to finish off a model and can turn a model you may not be happy with into something awesome.

    Nice to see progress mate, makes me feel like I need to get my painting moving!

    1. Thanks, I was hoping that would be the case, so it's nice to see somebody back that feeling up. I'm probably going to finish painting the army these guys are a part of and then base all 45 guys at the same time. I'm leaning toward ye, olde grass and rock basing materials. I'll see where my head is at after I'm not sick of looking at infantry for a while.

    2. Awesome, for basing nothing is as cool as putting down some brown texture, dry brushing it then adding patches of grass. It is the most simply base to do and almost always looks great. Even throw in some rocks to top it off.

      Keep it up mate. I look forward to seeing them based.