Monday, July 6, 2015

50 points, 50 points...hmm...

I had two games yesterday, battle reports to follow, and I'm pleased as I reasonably could be with my list, except for my Armored Sentinel. Now, I don't expect a lot from fifty points, especially with that fifty being invested in one BS 3 shot. Despite that, I'm considering swapping them out for five ratling snipers. I'd love the opinion of my scant readers...
That, and they're a cool concept.


  • Infiltrating units will help with Relic missions, allowing me to pop a unit down on the Relic from the word go and start moving it back toward my deployment. Even if they get shot up, they'll at least have given me some kind of edge.
  • Outflank means that they can help me secure linebreaker, which my list (and 90% of all IG lists) struggles with.
  • Sniper Rifles can help against monstrous creature and they only really need to kill 2-3 guys from most armies in order to earn their points. Even Wraithknights have to worry about them rolling those lovely 6s (and thus rending.)
  • Good saves mean they'll stick around (+2 cover if I go to ground in ruins.)
  • One less vehicle in the army (more is the name of the game for IG.)
  • They're very some (T2!) and have terrible leadership, so they'll fall back after being shot up.
  • Less anti-tank with me being down a lascannon.
What do you guys think? Also, am I forgetting anything about this idea.

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