Sunday, January 18, 2015

Because Big Guns Never Tire

There is a Highlander tournament, 1500 points, coming up next week and I intend to go. When I go to tournaments, I intend to win. When IG wins, its via big guns.

Shown: The Path to Victory

First, the big guns themselves and them my list.

I'll be taking three triplet...get your mind out of the gutter. I call these beautiful ladies, Basilisk, Rapier, and Quad Mortar. I got all of them from 3rd party sources because Forgeworld, while awesome in the sense of quality, is hilariously expensive.

The Basilisks are from a WWII model company and are based on the USMC Longtom gun. Its beautiful AND patriotic. Nice.

The Rapiers and Quad Mortars are from a kickstarter that I bought into a while back and then proceeded to never assemble. Five out of the six will have never seen live combat before so wish them luck. The Rapiers are steampunk lightning guns (fighting Necrons with their own tricks) and the Quad Mortars are German Nebelwerfers. Say it, come on, you know you want to. Its fun. Nebelwerfers.

I'm a big fan of the models and they'll probably become a mainstay of my lists in the future.

Speaking of lists:

1500 IG Highlander Artillery Position

Commissar Yarrick (Warlord)
CCS - Regimental Standard and Grenade Launcher
Commissar and Ministorum Priest (Both attaching to conscript blobs)

PCS - Bolter
Infantry Squad x2 - Flamers and Lascannons
Conscripts x30

PCS - Bolter
Infantry Squad x2 - Flamers and Lascannons
Conscripts x30

Veteran Squad - Autocannon

Rapier Battery - 3 Guns and 6 Crew

Quad Mortar - 3 Guns and 9 Crew

Basilisk Carriage - 3 Guns and 12 Crew

Aegis Defense Line - Quadgun


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