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Battle Report: IG versus SW 2.5k

I finally go in a game with my brother in law and he busted out his beloved Space Pups. I decided to give my knights a break (more news on them soon) and took a pure IG army in my classic sense. I was really looking forward to this army and seeing how my traditional build of tanks, tanks, tanks could do. I was admittedly hesitant after hearing so much about how he is tearing apart all of his friends in games. I would just have to see if relying on firepower would be enough to see me through...

Its basically the IG motto

But first, the lists!

Astr Imperial Guard Armored Advance (CAD)
CCS - Plasmagun x2 and Kurov's Aquila
 Chimera - Multilaser and Heavy Flamer

Veteran Squad - Plasmagun x3
 Chimera - Multilaser and Heavy Bolter
Veteran Squad - Meltagun x3
 Chimera - Multilaser and Heavy Bolter
Veteran Squad - Meltagun x3
 Chimera - Multilaser and Heavy Flamer
Veteran Squad - Meltagun x3
 Chimera - Multilaser and Heavy Flamer
Veteran Squad - Meltagun x3
 Chimera - Multilaser and Heavy Flamer

Baneblade - One set of sponsons

Steel Host
Tank Commander Executioner - Plasma Cannon Sponsons and Lascannon
 Leman Russ Executioner - Heavy Bolter x3
Leman Russ Exterminator - Heavy Bolter x3 and Heavy Stubber
Leman Russ Exterminator - Heavy Bolter x3
Leman Russ Vanquisher - Lascannon
Hyrda Flak Tank


Elite Mangy Dogs (Champions of Fenris)
Wolf Lord - Thunderwolf, Runic Armor, and Frost Sword
Wolf Priest Ulrik the Slayer

Murderfang - Drop Pod

Grey Hunters x10 - Extra CCW, Meltagun x2, Wolf Guard (Powerfist/Combi-Melta), and Drop Pod
Grey Hunters x10 - Extra CCW, Meltagun x2, Wolf Guard (Powerfist/Combi-Melta), and Drop Pod
Blood Claws x15 - Powersword

Thunderwolves x5 - Stormshield x5 and Powerfist x2
Stormwolf - TL Multimelta x2

Land Raider Crusader - Multimelta
Vindicator - Siege Shield

Voidclaw Formation
Wolf Guard Terminators x5 - Twin Wolf Claws x5

Mission: Maelstrom 4 (You can claim your opponents objectives)
Deployment: Long Edges (Per Maelstrom Mission)

Warlord Traits...had no game effect.

Far 'Right' of Table
Far 'Left' of Table
Pregame Thoughts: I'm not in that bad a position really. Of course, I've thought that before and I, more than most, know that IG can spend the first 50% of the game beating the opponent like a red-headed step child only to fold like a house of cards once they get within arms reach. The trick is hitting them so hard in the beginning that enough isn't left to beat you once they close. IG either win big or lose big in my experience (Exceptions apply. See your doctor for details. Go to the hospital if symptoms persist longer than four hours.)

He rolled to go first and that would be a big boon to him because he'd have one less turn to weather my shooting. That is...unless...
I guess I'll be going first then. Poor pound pups.

IG Turn One:
Very little movement occurs. Just some shifting to line up shots, deny cover, or get within range.
The Executioners and one Exterminator open up on the Thunderwolves. Some Chimeras join in but accomplish little or nothing (I don't recall which.) By the end of the shooting phase two are dead and another wounded. On the other flank, the Baneblade does jack-all due to poor rolling and successful cover. The Land Raider Crusade sloughs off a Vanquisher hit with a lucky Night Fighting '6' getting rolled. I'm left hoping that'll be enough.

The damage that three Russ can do. Don't leave home without them.
As far as Maelstrom points, I managed to secure four from objectives in/near my deployment since he drew one and I drew three.

IG - 4
SW - 0

Space Wolves Turn One:
His reserves
A distraction from his Thunderwolves, hoping to buy them another turn.
The real party. Under that bridge is an objective worth two points!
 His Land Raider advanced full steam and then tried for some lucky shots that didn't pan out. In retrospect, he agreed that he should have gone full out and closed faster. The Vindicator took a shot at the Baneblade, after being disappointed that the Chimera wasn't close enough to target both, and stripped off a hull point. The Thunderwolves advanced and ran, knowing that they needed to close and fast or they were doomed.

Shooting didn't amount to too much since most of his army was melee. The two Grey Hunter packs took out the Hydra, securing his flyer a degree of safety once it arrived and two points for First Blood and a Space Wolf Maelstrom objective. The other took some shots at a Chimera but Night Fighting and smoke launchers saved it from any harm.

With the Hydra slain he also claimed the two objective points for the objective under that bridge.

IG - 4
SW - 4

IG Turn Two:
Things retreated or drew better firing lanes. Pretty standard IG movement phase :)

Then the Baneblade opened up on his Grey Hunters that had the temerity to attack my flak tank.
...and now you don't.
A few of the marines from the gold drop pod had been killed by a Chimera and an Exterminator but, overall, the Baneblade did what Baneblades do and neutered that advance. The Vanquisher would miss both shots, leaving his Land Raider Crusader, and its deadly cargo, as his main source of hope on the side.

On the other side, further shooting from the Russ killed all of the remaining Thunderwolves and popped two wounds on the Wolf Lord. Looking pretty there, especially as some Kurov Aquila boosted plasmaguns killed, to man, his Void Claws.

No objectives for me this turn but assassinate came into play from his three squads losing their leaders and netted me two more points.

IG - 6
SW - 4

Space Wolves Turn Two:
Bad luck and both his reserves (Murderfang and Stormwolf) fail to arrive, just when they'd have been a big help too. I'm kinda feeling bad now.

He moves and unloads his Blood Claws, hoping for a bit of luck in order to turn things around.
 His surviving Grey Hunters, with help from the Crusader, kill the green Chimera in the pic above, and tried to charge the Veterans. In retrospect, I think he should have kept the Chimera alive as a better charge target for the Blood Claws. If he rolled high enough he could have gone for a multi-charge against the Vanquisher too.

Bolt pistol fire kills a few veterans and all charges are failed, leaving him in the open for next turns baneblade fire.

Wolf Lord runs for cover (and the objective worth two points) but he comes up short. With some luck, he'll get it next turn.

Things are going well when the Wolf Lord runs and hides.
IG - 6
SW - 4? (I don't recall if he got any points this turn)

At this point my brother in law concedes. I don't particularly blame him. He's down the bulk of his army, while I've lost a chimera and three men. Him pulling off a win now would be extra ordinary and unlikely. I think that his flyer not coming in was really the deal sealer since it could have taken out two tanks a turn (potentially) with those sexy multimeltas. At least it would have given him a fighting chance compared to how it ended.

What do you guys think about this game?

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  1. He didn't seem to bring the pods in very close to mess with your LOS...kinda landed them in the open...but then again, playing Maelstrom sometimes forces you to do things that are not tactically sound...not really a fan of forcing your hand rules...