Thursday, October 16, 2014

RTT Summary...Kinda

I'm not going to do full reports from the tournament I went to because I had to leave early (injured wife.) There were a few highlights though that I thought would be a kick to share.

In game 1, the entire Necron firepower element, consisting of four Nightscythes, twenty Warriors, and four Crypteks with fancy Haywire staves, tried to kill my Seneschal. They inflicted five hull points. (Insert Trollface here)

In the end, I managed to get the whole lance across the board onto their objective and take it from them. They even gated their Centstar over to me, hoping the added grav cannons would make the difference and not caring about retaliation since it was the last turn. The Seneschal, on his last HP, tanked about fifteen HP with his +3 rerollable Ion Shield save. The look on the opponents face (who usually rolls that hot himself) was priceless. I'll cherish it into my elder years. We won the game when some stealsuits (ours) contested the objective they'd taken on our side of the table.

Game 2 saw some sexy lance on lance action. Of course, his were much...nicer?...looking that might (they were HEAVILY nurgle modified so nicer might not be the correct word.) Our lances met in the middle, around the Relic we were fighting over, when he made a 10" charge on my Errant, and proceeded to completely wiff with three 1s on the D weapon table. (Insert second trollface here) My Errant proceeded to make him pay and then tanked the explosion on his shield. Next turn my Errant would charge his knight and we traded guys, giving me a 2-1 knight advantage, while my Seneschal killed a Daemon Prince warlord that grounded himself with an ice cream headache (Perils of the Warp.) His Knight killed one of mine and then was finished off with shooting. In the end, my Knight stood over the Relic so nobody could pick it up, daring anybody to try. We ended up tying on secondaries since they claimed they had a fully painted army (a secondary point in our store) and I forgot they hadn't finished their helldrakes.

That was when my wife told me she'd injured herself and we had to leave. I'd have been on the top table. Se la vie.

Next month I'll be taking my lance again (I guess I'm a Knight player now, perhaps I should change my layout.) To complement the lance I'll be taking an Execution Force of Assassins(!) and a second Vindicare Assassin. I'll be taking this until I have a fully painted army...of eight models.

(Insert third, and last, trollface here)

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