Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Little Ado About Nothing

I don't have much to add this week but I wanted to post something so that people know I'm not dead...
...I'm not dead.

In other news, new FAQs came out today and only two things matter to me.

     1. Super Heavy Walkers now double their Difficult Terrain rolls, meaning they can potentially move 12" even when moving through terrain!

This is a big deal. As big as Knights, slowing them down was considered by many to be an intentional nerf to them. Battle reports resound with instances of Knights getting slowed because the controlling player decided to move their toe into a rough field. Now Knight are as fast as ever, meaning it'll be harder than ever to escape them for those armies that rely on run and gun to kill them.

     2. In WHFB, the rules have been updated for the Endtimes, so Lore of Undead is now a thing and Hero and Lord selections may be 50% of the army total.

This isn't too huge, except for two things. Firstly, it potentially brings back the old tales of hero hammer. While I doubt we're looking at a true return to those dark days (before my time actually but the old ones tell me of dark ages and what they only refer to as "The Horror") it does mean that things like characters on dragons aren't as big a hindrance to take anymore. On a personal note, I'm pointing this out to our local organizer and hoping he allows it for the next tournament so that I can fit a mounted War Priest and Captasus into my army. Good times ahead...I hope.

Not mine, but cool none the less. Dig the pistol.

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