Monday, August 18, 2014

FLGS RTT - Part One

I went to the FLGS and participated in a RTT this weekend (could have just made that the title I guess :p )

I'll be typing up the reports for the three games but first I'm going to give the format and my list then allow the few readers I have to make predictions as to my outcome.

1-3 Hammer and Anvil
4-6 Dawn of War
(They hate Vanguard here)

Victory Conditions:
Generate 8 Maelstrom objectives at the start of the game
Re-roll ones you cannot achieve
Re-roll two more of your choice
Secondaries are: Warlord, First Blood, Line Breaker, Fully Painted Army (Which I'm not)

Somewhat wacky and random and losing a point every game for not being painted could really hurt me. list:

Knight Commander Pask (Leman Russ Executioner) - Lascannon and Plasma Cannons
  Leman Russ Executioner - Hull/Sponson Heavy Bolters

Veteran Squad - Meltagun x3
  Chimera - Multilaser and Heavy Bolter

Platoon Command - Grenade Launcher and Autocannon
Infantry Squad - Grenade Launcher and Autocannon
Infantry Squad - Grenade Launcher and Autocannon

Fast Attack-
Vulture Gunship - TL Punisher Cannons

Vendetta Gunship

Heavy Support-
Thunderer Siege Tank

Thunderer Siege Tank

Aegis Defense Line - Quadgun Emplacement

Imperial Knight Detachment-
Knight Paladin

So, how do you guys think I did?

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