Monday, May 3, 2010

Trust (Politics)

I look at the world these days and I can't help but to think that this country (I live in the USA) is on the road to revolution. We have gotten to a dangerous, often unfixable position where the masses don't seem to trust their government anymore.

This is a dangerous position as a democratic government in any form requires that the populace buys into the principles that the government operates under. If they don't buy in then revolution is the inevitable consequence of a frustrated electorate that feels ruled upon.

When you look at the current political landscape you have a situation where the people are polarized and movements are constantly condemned by their opponents as greavous evils. It doesn't matter what you believe politically (JFK was assassinated, 9/11 was an inside job, Barack Obama is a socialist ploy, or George Bush is the reincarnation of Adolf Hitler) if a country does not trust it's government to tell the truth they'll begin to believe that resorting to violence to solve their grevences is a justifiable solution in a world where nobody but they will look out for themselves. All that is left is for a large enough faction to believe that violence can solve the problem of not having a trustworthy government. The heads roll.

Lesson: Don't go around spreading dissent without hard facts to back it up. You will only look insane and causing the collapse of your nation. Statements based on emotion and pure disagreement need to be taken with a grain of salt and, above all, you need to have some faith that the system (that is ultimately comprised of good people) can be fixed peacefully through appropriate action within said system. In politics, like life, violence needs to be the last resort.

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