Monday, May 3, 2010

'Ard Boys

I'm hoping to participate in 'Ard Boys this year (work permitting) and I've decided that I'm gonna stick to my recent trend of embracing my beloved Blood Angels. I have some better pieces for a Codex Space Marines army but the Blood Angels are one of the factions that got me into the game and now that we have a real Codex (not that travesty of a PDF) I'm dedicated to sticking with them. This is what I came up with.

Librarian - Unleash Rage and Shield of Sanguinius

Sanguinary Priest

Furioso Dreadnought - Librarian, Frag Cannon, Wings of Sanguinius, and Might of Heroes

Assault Terminators x5 - Lightning Claws x3 and Thunder Hammer/Storm Shield x2
Dedicated Land Raider Redeemer - Printle Mounted Multi-Melta

Tactical Squad x10 - Flamer and Multi-Melta
Dedicated Rhino

Tactical Squad x10 - Meltagun, Multi-Melta, and Powerweapon
Dedicated Rhino

Assault Squad x10 - Meltagun x2 and Powerfist
Dedicated Rhino

Death Company x10 - Powerfist
Dedicated Land Raider - Printle Mounted Multi-Melta

Land Speeder - Heavy Bolter and Typhoon Missile Launcher

Baal Predator - TL Assault Cannon and Sponson Heavy Bolters

Baal Predator - TL Assault Cannon and Sponson Heavy Bolters


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