Monday, November 30, 2015

Knights and Wolves and Mont'ka, oh my!

Two minor updates:

First, I finally got in a game recently. Take that almost four month not playing streak! Had some hot wolf on knight action.
Cool, but not that kind
I took my Exalted Court formation list versus a pure Champions of Fenris list with two big thunderwolves units. Each unit had an Iron Priest and Rune Priest attached and he had four podding units, three Grey Hunters and one terminator, equipped to the gills with melta. He was very equipped to face knights and wanted to confirm that. I wanted to confirm that knights would struggle under ITC. We were both vindicated.

First, his suspicions. He rolled like garbage on his melta. Plain and simple. The only reason I lasted as long as I did, and even had three knights at the end, was because his meltas could not roll to hit. Despite that, I lost two knights, including my warlord, and the game. His wolfstars could just easily take a knight on the charge and had to be ganged up on for me to kill them. This meant I could not focus on the objectives at all while he had a bit of leeway on going for the win.

Second, my suspicions. Pure knights can't do ITC. They will give up maelstrom every time. I ended up taking primary, him secondary, and him tertiary. He took secondary from the bonus points he got from killing just two of my knights. I only lost forty percent of my army and it cost me the game. How do you overcome that high a handicap? I know knights are hot stuff in friendly games but in tournament play, everybody and his cousin can beat them.

I'll be sticking to IG for tournaments and taking knights to friendly games (I know it seems backwards but that is what experience has taught me.)

Speaking of IG, I picked up Mont'ka this weekend. I won't be reviewing the book itself (because I don't have that much time to rant and rave about typos in a way too expensive textbook.) I will, however, be reviewing the Cadian rules. They're cool and, with notable exceptions, very good. TL;DR though, I won't be using much of them. They don't favor my mechanized approach very well and I don't think I get much out of them. I will be considering a few of the relics and the warlord table, but we'll see about the rest.

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