Saturday, February 22, 2014

So, I'm Running A Tournament

I'm stepping up and running a tournament. I'm coming up with rules (Check mark symbol) and going to be a player/judge. It's something I've always wanted to do and this'll be the first step. If all goes well, maybe I'll try to organize something annual or semi-annual. At the moment, it is just 6 guys but that makes it perfect to try something out.

On thing that will separate this from larger events later is that we will be making most of each others lists. The final list is 1850 but 1350 of it will be chosen by our opponents (just units, no options besides more squad members.) This will force each of us out of our comfort zones a bit and maybe help us grow as players.

I'll be posting lists, photos, and some simple reports as we go. Who know maybe this will get me back into post regularly. Tournament pack link below. By all means, download and comment.

Battle of Bakomunda v1.1


  1. Very interesting, make sure you keep us all in the loot, i want to know how it turns out.